Saturday, January 06, 2007

You Said It Would Be Cold

But it isn't.

When we announced that we were moving to Maine we received one of two comments:
1. "It's cold up there" (or some variation of: "you must like the cold", "you must like snow", "I hope you like the cold"), or..
2. "It's beautiful up there" (typically from people who had actually been to Maine)

Of the two responses, we overwhelming heard about how cold we were going to be. People would carry on about the snow and the shoveling and the heating costs; it was actually annoying. Well I'm here today to announce that it's not cold up here. In fact it's warm. Today, January 6th - 72 degrees in Maine (according to my car). Short-sleeve weather, windows up in the house and down in the car weather.

WARM. JANUARY. MAINE. Yes, it's true.

So I had to post these pictures from last Sunday. Last week when we went to Philly for ONE DAY, we missed the ONE DAY of snow in Maine. When we arrived back home, Amelle was elated to see the lawn sprinkled with snow; so much that she immediately donned her snowpants and started "sledding". She was so happy to be sledding, she didn't realize that she was covered in mud...

(she has no idea that she is muddy)

...not much see where this is headed...

....that's Amelle in the far top left corner...notice the amount of snow that she was sledding on...

Where art thou winter?

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Anonymous said...

So cute! At least you guys got a little bit. Not that I'm complaining about the weather but it would be nice to see a few sprinkles of snow!
BTW, people were exaggerating about the weather probably because they didn't want you to leave!! Anything to get you to stay!

FloridaMom said...

There will be a blizzard on February 9th! That is the day I fly into Boston.