Saturday, February 03, 2007

I don't mean to be negative, but...

I hate Hello Kitty.
I know it's wrong to hate, but I'm being real. Okay, "hate" is probably too strong of a term; I don't actually "hate" Hello Kitty, because I believe it takes effort to "hate" (similar to the effort I'm taking to blog? hmmm..). Let's just say that I have a strong distaste for Hello Kitty. There it is.

Amelle's birthday is fast approaching, so I pose the question, "What kind of birthday party do you want". She inevitably replies the two words I dread, "Hello Kitty". So I've been shopping lately with my eye on Hello Kitty items, when I quickly realize that there is a Hello Kitty epidemic going on in this county and nobody seems to know about it because we're all too busy focusing on the war! That precious little kitten (please sense the sarcasm in my fingers as I type those words) is plastered on everything from coffee makers (yes, Amelle has one - she makes ice tea in it though) to electric guitars (I refuse to drop serious money on something with that dreadful cat on it). Hello Kitty is on make-up, phones, basketballs, slippers, shoes, kids clothing, adults clothing, clock radios, bath soap, toasters (yes! - real working toasters), underwear, toys, even cars and here's the kicker - a freakin' airplane!!! What the heck is that little cat doing on a airplane!!!?!?!

Here's my beef - what has Hello Kitty ever done? I mean, does she (it?) even have a show or anything? She's like Paris Hilton, she's got all kinds of PR, but has never done anything noteworthy in her life.

So I begrudgingly embark on planning my daughter's 6th birthday party. Hello Kitty will be there, though she doesn't deserve to be. Quite frankly, I'd rather have a Happy Bunny party, at least Happy Bunny has something witty to say.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

SIX YEARS OLD?! crazy! boy...does that makes me feel old?!?!
hello kitty has been around forever...seriously, i remember a little chinese girl in my 1st grade class that had a bunch of hello kitty stuff...and that was over 20 years ago (yikes!). she probably had a show in another country or's what Wikipedia says.

Kristy said...

Aww, she has the same birthday as Amaya - cute!

I never really liked her either Erin, especialy when I see grown adults wearing her "stuff"!

TheKeyRing said...

Erin -- in the mall I have noticed an entire store devoted nearly completely to Hello Kitty -- I don't know when she (it) made a comeback (Hello Kitty was very popular when my sister was little), and I don't understand how it happened, but she (it) seems to be here to stay -- ugh

Dev said...

Hey Erin, Just wanted to let you know that Makenna had a Hello Kitty birthday cake. I really didn't start noticing the stuff in the store until after her birthday.

T5M said...

Hey Dev!!!!!
Yeah - I don't get Hello Kitty - she's undeserving!

Matthew said...

Hello Kitty Loves you anyway.

T5M said...