Sunday, February 18, 2007

...a three hour tour....a three hour tour...

With this week's blizzard, there was little doubt that the boys would be heading off to snowmobile this weekend. Wendy and I decided that we'd make it a family affair by packing up the kids and spending the night in the hotel, then perhaps taking in some shopping while the boys went snowmobiling, and then driving home on our own. We knew the kids would be all gassed up about staying in a hotel and going swimming. Since Gorham was only an hour away, it was really no big deal.

Here are some key highlights and learnings:
-Gorham ME is only an hour away, but Gorham NH, which is where we were headed, was closer to 3 hours away.
-Babies don't like to be in the car for three hours.
-Big men don't belong in McDonalds playlands (see below) - he was rescuing Amaya, who we found out, possesses a remarkable amount of speed and agility.
-Little women can go into McDonalds playlands to take their infant nieces down slides, but not without complaints from several 5 year olds ("Hey Lady, can you go faster next time")
-Walking into a Northern NH bar on a Friday night is like walking into a time warp.
-Waitresses at breakfast buffets are not particularly customer service focused.
-Shaun and Erin have vastly different approaches to dealing with such waitresses.
-When men go out snowmobiling, they may not remember to leave the keys to the family vehicle with their wives. (Luckily we found a spare set of keys, otherwise we would've been locked up in that hotel room for 10 hours).
-A sleeping baby is more precious than tax-free outlet shopping.
-Men can snowmobile 150 miles in one day, but not without returning home extremely fatigued and in aching pain.

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Deere John said...

You get more with honey than you do with Vinegar. There is no need to be rude. Actually maybe I am wrong becuase I have never been rude to service folk. Do you get more from being rude (a free snot in you salad does not count as getting more)?

The Gawel's said...

I think I see a smile on Amelle's face- behind Will's head!

I also do not handle things well when I think workers are not being "customer service friendly!" I guess it is because I have done my fair share of retail and know what I think is appropriate. I usually let Dave handle the issue. The problem arises when he is not present. Maybe she was having a bad day??? But, I know how you feel!

The Gawel's said...

Also-- That is a smile on her face in the pool!! Is Jermaine clean shaven?

MaineMomKC5 said...

I've always said those slide things at McDonald's always smell like dirty feet, but even more so when I ventured inside them with Amaya.

Kristy said...

Nice underwear! I too have difficulty dealing with not-so-pleasant "customer service people"

FloridaMom said...

Was that Amaya's first pool dip? She looks very happy being in the water.
Maybe you really need a pool next year. One that doesn't harbour snakes.