Sunday, March 11, 2007

Going Up!

Avery, "5 tries no fails"

Amelle, "just observing"

Joelle, "Spidergirl"

Will, "Proof that 3 is the new 5" (the class was for kids 5-12)
For the record, Mina and Amaya are not shown because I can only post 4 pictures at a time (I thought that by posting the pictures smaller, I'd be able to fit more on - apparently a failed hypothesis). Mina had a great time going up and "falling" gracefully. Amaya had to be removed from the premises due to a pre-nap meltdown.
Good times!
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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

where are the pictures of your scaling the wall?! :-D

T5M said...

I was performing Amaya's exorcism

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

like the new color scheme....kinda goes with the whole maine chilliness!

FloridaMom said...

Looks like sheer ice on that wall. No wonder Amaya had a meltdown!