Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Today marks our one year anniversary of our "closing" on this house. We signed papers at 9am, by noon Jerms had every shred of carpet out on the front lawn. As I sit here in the kitchen typing this, I am amazed that this is the same disgusting house. What a journey this last year has been.

I'll try to post some then & now pics - I've been having trouble uploading with picassa (you can see the last two pics have been cut off).

Addendum: Despite my reluctance to post "after" pictures, because the house is still very unfinished, here is the the same room as above, as of last night. (don't mind the window treatments in the back window - I was thinking of making a valance, but have since ruled against that option) ...we also need 4 more new windows in the LR, which we're hoping to install once the weather gets warmer. ...hey, at least there's a ceiling!

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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

wow! what a difference! the furniture looks really comfy.
when i saw the picture of the kids in the van i was having flashbacks to our trip to see curious george last year during your open house....your kids are too much! miss you guys!

FloridaMom said...

Congrats to you and Jermaine and all who helped make this house your home!

Kristy said...

Your living room looks great! I can't wait to come and see the house "in person"!