Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I Only Like the Big 3"

Soccer season "kicked off" on Saturday (pardon the pun). Avery and Mina joined a short and informal soccer league to bridge the gap between Basketball and Baseball season. As we sat in the stands watching the game, Jermaine turned to me and said, "I only like the big 3". I don't like soccer, just football, basketball, and baseball. ..."and I don't like soccer moms" he added in. I had to laugh, "can you point a soccer mom out to me, so I'll know the enemy?" Ahum, since Avery is playing soccer, does that make me a "soccer mom" (I shutter at the mere thought).

Although it was Avery's first time playing soccer, he was able to hold his own. Avery seems to have an intuitive understanding of all sports. This was evident as he dove in front of a ball that was being thrown into play, and defected it with his chest, consequently passing it directly to his teammate (yes, it's all true - I have witnesses).
Here, Mina and Avery play defense, or in 7-year old sport terms, "daydream".

Avery mastered the slide kick, which I think it might be a real soccer move (though I have to idea where he would've learned that from). Mina and Avery have totally opposite playing styles. Mina prefers to play the back, while Avery tends to be in hot pursuit of scoring and or defense at all times.

This is the best looking thing I saw all day.

This is the worst looking thing I saw all day.
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Kristy said...

That picture of Will is toooo funny! (and cute) I cannot wait to meet that kid. He seems like a real character! Actually, I think putting him and Riley into the same room would probably make for a very interesting play date.

As for sports in Maine, these are a few things I've observed:

1. Sports technically "start" at different times than down here

2. Girls and boys play on the same team (which I think is pretty cool)

3. All of your sports seem to be played in that same gym (probably b/c it is so darn cold up there!)

FloridaMom said...

I would say you are a soccer, basketball, baseball and football Mom! You may also become a tennis, racquetball, golf, snowmobile and skiing Mom.

Consider yourself a SPORTS MOM!

Mina and Avery must love playing on the same team together. I have a feeling that it is "all business" when Avery is on the court!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Who is that "SPECIAL" man holding my son?

Kristy said...

Well, you should also take into consideration that you gave into the "minivan" which is pure soccer mom transportation. I told you it would be all over when you gave in to that!!

I'm sorry I just have to bust on you a little bit! I miss us being able to do that like back in the 'ole Cardinal days. The girl who I am replacing at Flavia actually shares the same humor as us, too bad she is leaving next week :(

Oh, by the way, we went for a work dinner tonight at the Cheesecake Facctory and I have to tell you it was not that good. Sorry to ramble...

T5M said...

1. Yes sports seem to have weird starting times, like this soccer thing is only for four weeks - I do think that soccer is year round though.
2. Yes, probably not enough kids to have separate leagues. Equal rights!
3. Yes, that same gym with terrible lighting so that parents can't take a decent picture. He's also in that gym on Sundays for baseball clinic.

Bust away - I love it. I am only a "soccer mom" for two more weeks.

You should've gotten the lettuce wraps at TCF - YUMM!!!

Kristy said...

Ewww, is that the appetizer? We got this appetizer sample and most of the stuff was good, except for these things wrapped in lettuce. They tasted like raw spring or egg rolls from a chinese restaurant. I actually ordered this chicken modeira thing with shrimp scampi. The shrimp were okay, but the chick was N-A-S-T-Y! It was nice to not have to pay for it though.

I'm going to send you one of those corny window clings "soccer mom"
This is definitely not you, but you do drive a mini-van hee hee!

Kristy said...

WARNING: I just realized that the previous comment I left has a link to a pretty funny but a little offensive. SO if you are offended, don't say I didn't warn yah!

T5M said...

I'm not offended, people have a right to their opinions. There was a lot of venomous hate towards "soccer moms" that I didn't know existed. I honestly don't really care for people who distinguish themselves as "soccer moms" - like it's some kind of honor - because I really don't get it. But honestly, the things that they seems to stand for (according to those who hate them), I support. Maybe I am a closet soccer mom. I don't know - I'm Christian, I drive a mini van, I occasionally cut people off, I love my kids and care about that wrong?

So maybe I have more in common with this breed of human.

T5M said...

Oh btw Jones...I had no choice but to move up to the mini-van - Amaya made me do it. I held out until I was 9 months pregnant with #3, but once you have three kids you have no choice but to go for the mini. I'm counting the days until Avery can drive and then I can go back to something "less mom".

Also, the lettuce wraps at TCF are usually awesome, I love them!!

Let's name guys who drive VW wagons something, I don't really like them. They usually work in finance and they always tuck in their shirts.

Let's also name older couples who drive mini-van something. They are usually overweight and have no reason to have a mini-van because all of their kids are grown. I don't care for those folks either -they usually have dumb bumpers stickers as well (like, "I brake for unicorns").

KC5 said...

You've been to a soccer game that your child played in-You are a soccer mom.

The Gawel's said...

I also was one of those people who said they would never get a mini-van. but with 4 kids every other weekend, we had to do something. I was tired of always taking 2 cars everywhere we went. Also. Ashlyn is signed up for soccer in the fall. I never knew there was a thing about soccer moms!