Monday, March 12, 2007


The thought was to hang some pictures of the kids on the living room wall. Apparently this house has more wallspace than our last house, because the art that adorned the walls of our old home hasn't put a dent in the decorating needs of this house. In the absence of having any "real art" to hang, I thought I'd hang pictures of the kids - which are more beautiful than anything I could purchase from a gallery (sappy mom thing to say). While my photos are being developed, I decided to draw goofy pictures of the kids as placeholders for the real thing. Avery came home and wanted to know why I drew him looking like "Sheen" from "Jimmy Neutron". Oops. Amelle was pleased with her rendition, but thought it needed some lipstick.

...Amelle also wanted to know why there was a "number 10" under her picture. I had to explain that the "L & E" at the end of her name had been cut off by the matting. That's an Amelle-ism for ya.

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FloridaMom said...

Now, if you could get the kids to draw some pictures for me so that I could hang them on my office wall. Avery's from January 5, 2006 looks awfully lonesome on my wall. Wendy was supposed to do the same. I haven't seen them yet!!!

Just a friendly reminder!!!

T5M said...

Avery still owes me one for the playroom, I actually told him I'd buy it off of him (for school store money)! Now he's willing.