Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Middle One

Tonight Jermaine was helping Amelle with her homework which consisted of filling out a questionnaire about herself, when I hear him call me, "Babe" (that's what he calls me) "What's Amelle's only bad habit?" I immediately answer, "picking her nose". Amelle whines, "No..". I respond, "Whining", Jermaine: "I already tried that one". Apparently she didn't want to expose her weaknesses to her teacher and classmates. She deliberates for a moment, then says, "Picking..." (I assume she's going with my first suggestion), "up butterflies" (I am wrong). Then, without looking up, she proceeds to write this down (without asking for help on the spelling). "Picking up butterflies?" I asked. She ingnores me and continues to write.

For kicks, here are the rest of her Q& A's:

  1. First memory: Wanted mommy
  2. Favorite Place: Beach
  3. Best Friend: Reagan
  4. Best Character Trait: Kindness
  5. Favorite Memory: Going to Ariel's School
  6. Interesting Fact: I like to sing
  7. Favorite Activity: Jump rope
  8. Only bad habit: Picking up butterflies

So, now I'm curious, how would you answer?

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T5M said...

Here are my answers:
1. First memory: I can't remember
2. Favorite Place: My bed
3. Best Friend: Girl: Wendy, Boy: Jermaine
4. Best Character Trait: Goofy
5. Favorite Memory: Birth of kids
6. Interesting Fact: Walked on 18' of hot coals
7. Favorite Activity: Spending time with my family
8. Only bad habit: Chocolate (and it's not my "only" one!

FloridaMom said...

1. First Memory: My fifth birthday party.
2. Favorite Place: Home
3. Best Friends: Gordon and Linda
4. Best Character Trait: Person of Principle.
5. Favorite Memory: Too many to pick just one.
6. Intersting Fact: None that would be interesting to you.
7. Favorite Activity: Aerobics
8. Only bad habit: Ha! Too many!

Amelle is too funny! It really cracked me up about the butterflies!

Deere John said...

1. Being with Pepere at his house in Methuen
2. Home
3. Jermaine
4. Honesty
5. The last day I spent with the KC5
6. I am a child trapped in man's body
7. Riding my unicycle
8. Riding my unicycle

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

1. First memory: visiting my mom in the hospital when she had denise & being picked up to see her in the nursery
2. Favorite place: kalaupapa (here)
3. Best Friends: seth & denise
4. Best Character Trait: honest
5. Favorite Memory: 1st kiss with seth :-)
6. Interesting Fact: i was homecoming queen
7. Favorite Activity: spending time with family
8. Only bad habit: one of MANY...drinking too much diet soda

Kristy said...

1. First memory: I hate this question b/c I can never remember which one came first, but probably The play we put on for our nursery school "graduation"
2. Favorite place: The Beach (in the summer!)
3. Best Friend: John (who else can have that much unconditional love after living with all of your "bad habits"!)
4. Best Character Trait: I tell it like it is!
5. Favorite Memory: John asking me to marry him!
6. Interesting Fact: I've never had the Chicken Pox
7. Favorite Activity: spending time with family & friends
8. Only bad habit: chocolate, sweets, and pastries