Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wit and Wisdom from Avery

I often find that my best conversations with Avery occur after bedtime. I guess he just figures it's either talk to me or go to bed, and talking to me is often the lesser of two evils. It's that stolen time - I'm sure he's figured out that the longer he keeps me engaged, the longer he'll stay up. Last night he came downstairs to the kitchen where I was working on the laptop, which has become the 2nd most used "appliance" in the kitchen (surpassed only by the refrigerator). I digress. Last night's exchange went like this:
"I can't go to sleep, my mind is overflowing"
Me: "Really, what are you thinking about"
A: "Everything"
Me: "Like what?"
A: "Like all the things I have to do tomorrow and all the things I want to do tomorrow. It's like 15 things of each".
Me: "Like what?"
A: "I don't know, like bring my folder to school tomorrow"
Me: "Your folder is already in your backpack, time to go to sleep"
A: "What if I can't?"
Me: "Then meditate on God's word. You know more scripture than I do! Think about some of the verses that you have memorized; the bible says we should meditate on God's word, if you're having trouble sleeping, that would be a good time to practice that".
A: "I know one: 'It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven". [look of concern]
Me: [sensing concern because Avery might think that we're "rich" - a conclusion that he came to when he saw me spend the equivalent of his life savings at the grocery store] "Do you know what that scripture means?"
A: "No"
Me: "It just means that you can't love God and money, you have to love one or the other and God wants you to put him first, over everything else. Some people have trouble with that"
A: [relieved] "Oh, well I love money 6th"
Me: "Well what do you love 1st?
A: "God"
Me: "Well what do you love 2nd through 5th?" (I figured it was going to be a pecking order: me, Jermaine, Amelle, and Amaya)
A: "Jesus, then the Holy Spirit"
Me: "We'll they're all God, so technically they're all number 1. What's next?"
A: "Family"
Me: "Then what's 5th?"
A: "Snowmobiles" (the list was getting desperate and freaky)
Me: "Okay Fred, time for bed".

Note: Yes, it's an old photo of Avery (for those who are paying attention).


FloridaMom said...

I love to read your blogs when you have conversations about Avery. He is insightful and always funny.
He is growing up too fast!

Deere John said...

How about Uncle Shaun and the Red Sox? They both should be in the top 10.... at least. I hope I am not getting beat out by a snowmobile. Although my list has the snowmobile pretty high too. Maybe between the Red Sox and Wendy or Wendy and the Red Sox..take your pick. Actually after further thought it maybe between the Red Sox and my iPod followed by Wendy...oh yeah and my John Deere Tractor...I hate list blogs. They are so controversial.

Deere John said...

Ok after much deliberation here is the list.
1. Family (including Wendy)
2. Red Sox
3. iPod
4. John Deere Tractor
5. Snowmobile
6. Sirius Sat. Radio
Is this getting materialistic?

I hate lists...they are so controversial...

MaineMomKC5 said...

Deere John,

I would put you around #5 on my list, right after my hair dryer.