Monday, March 19, 2007

Up Close

We have to laugh at Avery because as soon as he walks into Shaun and Wendy's house he is immediately drawn to the television. He stands with his nose practically touching the glass and watches, no matter what is on, or what else is going on in the house. It's like he's never seen a television before, he just stands there watching it at close range. We captured this moment during Saturday's St. Paddy's Day celebration.
Matching Green T-shirts: $8.99
Dennis the Menace DVD: $14.99
High Definition Television: $1100.
Myopic Vision: Priceless.
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Kristy said...

Are you going to call me back???

FloridaMom said...

Remember, Avery wants one of those High-D TV's for his room. How is his vision? Does he still have his glasses?

T5M said...

He'll never have a television in his room, mark my words.

I hate the one that now sits in our basement.

barbarakuhn said...

Watching Dennis the Menace will help Avery .... imitate Dennis' behavior or make him think he's not as bad as Dennis? Just wondering....
I always loved Margaret's hair, mine is so straight. Do you have any of the comic books?

T5M said...

I've never seen Dennis the Menace (how could anyone else in the room watch it, with two boys standing so close to the television?)

Fortunately We did manage to shut it off so that the boys would join the party!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Perhaps if his mother would buy him some new glasses, the kid could see the TV.