Saturday, March 31, 2007

You Never Forget Your 1st...


Thursday I received my first moving violation. All I have to say is, “it’s about time”. I really can’t be upset about it. 18 years of speeding, right turns on red arrows, “rolling stops”, talking on my cell phone (in NJ), speeding up at yellow lights, failing to signal, the list is endless. I probably haven’t driven in accordance with the law since I passed my driving license exam. I drive 110 miles a day, mostly on the Maine Turnpike: 55 miles, 3 exits, 1 million trees. I thought that the unofficial speed limit was 85, apparently I was wrong. The officer was kind and gave me a ticket for 79, and a warning for my expired PA inspection stickers (and failure to find my insurance card without calling my husband). I didn’t try to rationalize my speed; I just took it like a woman. I think I was also in a construction zone (orange cones were blocking off the entire right lane) – so that probably didn’t help.

I wouldn’t consider myself a reckless or unsafe driver, just not necessarily a law-abiding or particularly courteous one. That’s why I don’t have an ichthus (little fish thing) on my car – I don’t want to represent Christians negatively (there are already enough people doing that).

So now I’m the one getting passed by everyone. I hate it. On Thursday afternoon I wasn’t quite ready to move all the way over to the right lane, so I drove home in the middle lane – that was torture because I had people zooming past me on both sides. I looked longingly, yet spitefully at them. On Friday I figured out that if I just ride in the right lane, there will be a car in front of me that will act as a pace car for me.

So I’m on my best behavior, at least for now. The most I can hope for is to go another 18 years without getting a traffic violation.


Kristy said...

Join the club. Last year I got a ticket for going through a yellow light, but the officer told me it was red. Unfortunately I couldn't prove it, so I swallowed it paid the ticket and went on with life. Those points would have been removed March 1st of this year. But, in driving home from upstate New York with John in February (just a month shy of a clean driving record) I got pulled over doing 85 in a 65. So, just today actually I had to take my "special pints driving exam" at PennDot. Fortunately for me and my driving privelages I passed (with a 90%). I too am one of those "slow" drivers never doing more than 5 miles over the speed limit that everyone passes and looks at with dirty looks. All I keep thinking is to say to them, "just wait, you'll get a ticket too!"


FloridaMom said...

Putting your usual driving habits down on paper does look like you need to improve your driving techniques, however, I have always felt that you are a good driver.

In Florida, I received ONE ticket for going through a red light(it truly was only yellow). Had to go to school which was $50.00 plus pay the $85.00 fine. Just think I could have gone for a wonderful facial plus lunch with that money.

T5M said...

Jones - I forgot that you are "demon driver" -ha ha!! I remember that ticket - you went to court to fight it, right?

Mom - That's a good way to look at it - The $137 I'm going to have to pay would have covered a massage at the Wentworth. Darn!

The Gawel's said...

I just got a parking ticket for parking in the wrong direction on my sister's street. I understand I was in the wrong direction, but the road is hardly used. I think I should have been given a written warning. I got a $15 ticket, but if I paid within 5 days it was only $10. So not that bad. Now I always make sure I am parked in the right direction on my own street, even if I have to turn around.

Kristy said...

Don't sweat it, Erin. I drove in New York City last Tuesday. I broke every rule I learned and shed all common courtesy. I'll recap...
-I switched lanes in intersections
-I ran lights
-I turned on red where prohibited
-I went down the wrong way on a one-way street and turned off before oncoming traffic
-I made faces behind a news man's back while he was doing a live shoot on the NBC Channel 4 News. I followed that up by almost running him over when the light turned green.
-I also pointed to the right of a cab driver indicating that someone was looking to catch a cab. I jumped in front of him when he looked to the right.
The last one wasn't true. I'm only joking. I pulled in front of him while he was moving.

Hooray for driving!

T5M said...

John -
At least you didn't do the worst driving offense of all time:

backing up on the side of the highway after you realized that you missed your exit (or, stopping in the middle of the road between the highway and the ramp because you missed the exit).

I really hate when I see people do that. Just go up to the next exit and turn around!

T5M said...

You were always a courteous parker, well except for that one was after the blizzard of 2004, I remember it like it was yesterday....

Hee hee!! :-)

barbarakuhn said...

I have a NJ PBA place - I think it stands for Please Behave Appropriately. I never was pulled over in north Joisey but since moving to So. Joisey I've been pulled over 3 times for speeding. So... did I get any tickets? :)