Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Perfect Day?

I know I said that last Saturday was a perfect day, but yesterday was a little bit more "perfecter". We took a chance and planned a visit to Canobie Lake Park despite the forecast: overcast, chance of showers, low to mid 60s. We figured that the poor weather outlook would keep the crowds away. Our risk paid off - there was no one there, not one line in the entire park and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Sunny and the temperature was perfect! ...the kids even ventured on the Boston Tea Party - where they got SOAKED.

Every year it's funny to see how the dynamics change as the kids get older. They're at the point where they can go on most of the rides by themselves (and the rides they go on, most of the time the parents want to go on too!). Even Amelle joined in on the rides this year (two years ago the only ride she took was the stroller ride through the park).

It was a good day.
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Take a Picture, it'll Last Longer

This house absolutely fascinates me. Fortunately I pass it often, as it is along the 3.5 mile jaunt from my house to the KC5 house. Believe it or not, this homeowner is committed to "home improvements" - he's constantly "working" on his house. The problem is, I don't know if it's getting better or worse. The kicker is, whenever we drive by I am totally checking out the house, I mean, I'm hanging out of the car window trying to get inside their world and 9 times out of 10 the homeowner (who I will refer to as "he") catches me staring, which forces me to casually turn away from the scene. He had the perfect yard, I mean huge lot of beautiful green grass, until last summer when he got hold of a tractor (which upset my husband, "how can HE have a tractor, look at his house - tractors aren't cheap you know..."). Anyway, he got carried away with the tractor and tore up his whole yard. He created a big ditch (real big - I thought it was going to be a skating pond, but it didn't seem to pan out that way this winter), and created two "dirt areas" where he stuck golf flags, as if to declare his yard a par 2 golf course. There is always loads of junk in the front yard and driveway because he made their garage into living space. Last fall they actually had a yard sale, the funny thing is, I don't think that they ever brought anything out, or put anything back in the house. Oh how fascinated I am by these folks. ...And for my added pleasure, they're real outdoorsy, the whole family spends all summer frolicking in the driveway and yard. There is so much for me to watch and enjoy; I love this family. As we passed by this house on Saturday Jermaine proclaimed, "He must have the coolest wife".
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Saturday was just a perfect day. The weather was so beautiful that we didn't mind being outside all day doing yard work. Jermaine broke out the JD for the season's maiden voyage - all smiles!
Avery was a huge help in clearing the yard of the tree "parts" that Jermaine had chain-sawed down the day before. We lost two trees in the last storm - it's hard to believe that just a week ago the snow was so severe!

Dunkie Junkie: Amaya LOVED being outside all day, she also loved Jermaine's coffee.

Jer & Avery shovel mulch out of the truck bed. Smell the testosterone?

We capped the day off with a bonfire cookout at a neighbor's house (actually Shaun & Wendy's neighbors). Here Deb & Shaun "face" the flames in order to supply squishy marshmellows for the smores. ...the things adults do for their young..
It was a good day.
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

College: The School of Hard Knocks

The more I am exposed to college professors, the more I wonder how I will be able to justify spending outrageous sums of money to send my children to be indoctrinated by them. A few months back I heard about a 60-year old college professor who got his 18-year old student pregnant, a few weeks ago that LSU coach resigned after suspicion that she was having “inappropriate relationship” with a student. Sending your kids off to college these days is as scary as signing your 12-year old son up to be an alter boy at a Catholic church. Let alone what these whacko professors are teaching. Jermaine literally had a class in college where the teacher made them all watch a porn flick. Can you imagine that? If you read the literature that is produced by professors, you’ll see…it’s truly frightening. A few months ago a friend forwarded me an article from the NY Times, written by some professor who suggested that the institution of marriage is unhealthy – something about it limiting your social circles. The article referenced how back in the Victorian days, women would snuggle with each other. Now if there is one thing that men are good for, it’s snuggling. Men are like heat conductors; even on the coldest of nights I have to sometimes remove Jermaine’s draped arm from my body because it makes me hot. So if you want to argue against marriage, pick a different angle (how about toilet seat lids), snuggling is definitely a benefit to marriage. I’m off topic, aren’t I?

Anyway, I just read this other article that got me all fired up about college profs. I really can’t stand to listen to people rant about feminism and racism, I just want to tell them to shut up.
I honestly don’t know how I’ll ever send my kids away to school when the time comes. I have to get a job as a college professor so I can balance all that crap students are fed. Come to think of it, it was during my 2nd year of college when I denounced Catholicism (was that a bad thing?). I remember being very proud of my decision and very clearly and deliberately expressing my new found “atheism” to my each of my parents. Ironically it was the same year I had taken a philosophy class, taught by a theologian.

Now we've got crazy college students shooting their classmates on campus and brilliant university leaders who decide that a double murder isn't worthy of cancelling classes (which most recently allowed said crazy college student to re-load his guns, take some crazy video footage of himself, mail said footage to the news, and plan his next attack on 30 more innocent classmates). What next?

Jesus come quickly!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Did Happen...

I just haven't had a chance to blog about it yet.

As most of you have now seen (via Shaun's blog), we had a big Easter gathering at my place. It was a great day, from start to finish. I feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful family. We went to early service, had a delicious Easter dinner with soooo much food, an egg hunt (indoors), and watched the masters (and Zack Johnson give it up to Jesus for his Easter victory).
The Easter bunny apparently received our change of address forms and found the kids here in Maine.

Amaya - for some reason she doesn't look right all dressed up. I don't think she's going to be a frilly as Amelle. I guess there's only room for 1 princess in every household.

The egg hunt. The grandmas couldn't bear to watch the kids struggle to find eggs, I guess it goes against their grandma nature. We were blessed with three grandmas on Sunday, that was a 2:1 ratio (2 kids per 1 grandma). Let's just say that the egg hunt didn't last long. Notice the slick hiding techniques (eggs above the picture frames). Next year the grandparents will get their own egg hunt (we'll fill the eggs with tums, denture cream, and preparation H -they'll love it!
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

One Good Husband

Last week Jeff came to visit from Saturday until Thursday (Philadelphia school break). It was nice having him around, I know Jermaine and the kids REALLY enjoyed it, but I have to admit, there were definite benefits for me as well. On Sunday Jeff accompanied me to the grocery store. What a joy it was having him there holding Amaya while I shopped! It was also nice to shop with someone who wasn't planning to put embarrassing feminine hygiene products in my cart. Jeff whipped up some of his delicious vegetarian cuisine as well, which was a treat for everyone. At one point, Jermaine looked at Jeff and said, "between the two of us, we might make one good husband".

Jeff prepares home-made hummus tahini as Amelle watches on (we were playing cooking show).
The kids couldn't get enough of "keep away" - here Avery and Amelle pile on Jeff. Avery also got plenty of xbox in, as Jeff was determined to beat him in basketball (I don't think he ever did win though). Jermaine proudly proclaimed that he passed the torch of whoopin' up on Jeff to his son. Jeff disagreed.

Jeff proclaims victory in the game of "keep away" as Avery and Amelle giggle away..
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where did Sunday go?

On my VERY SLOW commute home tonight I couldn't help but think of the old New England saying, "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes". Sunday was a beautiful sun shiny spring day (proof below), today we're in the midst of a snow storm (not just a dusting, we're talking 6-foot tall snowmen - it's the sticky kind of snow)

Both mothers are flying in tomorrow - what a nice Maine welcome!

Addendum: This morning's view from our back door!