Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Perfect Day?

I know I said that last Saturday was a perfect day, but yesterday was a little bit more "perfecter". We took a chance and planned a visit to Canobie Lake Park despite the forecast: overcast, chance of showers, low to mid 60s. We figured that the poor weather outlook would keep the crowds away. Our risk paid off - there was no one there, not one line in the entire park and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Sunny and the temperature was perfect! ...the kids even ventured on the Boston Tea Party - where they got SOAKED.

Every year it's funny to see how the dynamics change as the kids get older. They're at the point where they can go on most of the rides by themselves (and the rides they go on, most of the time the parents want to go on too!). Even Amelle joined in on the rides this year (two years ago the only ride she took was the stroller ride through the park).

It was a good day.
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Florida/MaineMom said...

I wish I could have gone. Those flying swings are my favorite. Haven't seen Canobie in so many years.

My grandchildren are the luckiest kids in the world. Their parents take them everywhere!