Thursday, April 05, 2007

One Good Husband

Last week Jeff came to visit from Saturday until Thursday (Philadelphia school break). It was nice having him around, I know Jermaine and the kids REALLY enjoyed it, but I have to admit, there were definite benefits for me as well. On Sunday Jeff accompanied me to the grocery store. What a joy it was having him there holding Amaya while I shopped! It was also nice to shop with someone who wasn't planning to put embarrassing feminine hygiene products in my cart. Jeff whipped up some of his delicious vegetarian cuisine as well, which was a treat for everyone. At one point, Jermaine looked at Jeff and said, "between the two of us, we might make one good husband".

Jeff prepares home-made hummus tahini as Amelle watches on (we were playing cooking show).
The kids couldn't get enough of "keep away" - here Avery and Amelle pile on Jeff. Avery also got plenty of xbox in, as Jeff was determined to beat him in basketball (I don't think he ever did win though). Jermaine proudly proclaimed that he passed the torch of whoopin' up on Jeff to his son. Jeff disagreed.

Jeff proclaims victory in the game of "keep away" as Avery and Amelle giggle away..
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Kristy & John said...

That is too cute how your kids adore Jeff!
I would give anything for John to prepare just one meal (just one...) or even attempt to use a measuring spoon, or want to go to the grocery store with me.
Dawn is one lucky girl!

Kristy & John said...

BTW, I updated my blog.


Just thought I'd let you know...