Saturday, May 05, 2007

10 Degrees of Separation

I have never been so ready for Spring. Ever.

As I have mentioned before, when we decided to move, everyone mentioned the weather, "Oh Maine, it's cold up there". The winter was nothing, in my mind, cold is cold. Ten degrees of coldness isn't a huge deal to me. It's the Spring 10 degrees that makes a big difference. Right now, I know that windows are open in Pennsylvania. In Maine, the windows are down and (I'm ashamed to admit it, but...) the thermostat is set to 60 degrees, as an insurance policy that I won't wake up freezing at 3am.

Here's the Maine outlook:

Here's the PA forecast (yummy!)

Those 7-10 degrees will come in handy in August, but I have to admit that I miss PA spring!!

...funny I just noticed that it actually looks like it will be warmer in ME than in PA on Monday; it won't be. Trust me. ...Let's chaulk it up as a mis-print on


Florida/MaineMom said...

I don't think that it's the temperture that is remarkably different, but it is the months and months that you had to endure winter.

Get used to it. There is NO SPRING in Maine. Three seasons is all you can hope for.

I think back on the blog you had written earlier about seeing Mainers in shorts during the middle of winter and what they would be waring in summer, which, by the way, was one of your better blogs.

T5M said...

It really is the temp. Last week we were at 59, 62 and PA was at 69 and 72 - that's the difference between windows up and windows down, short sleeves and long sleeves. Having lived in PA for the last 10 years, I've kind of gotten used to Spring - it's beautiful in PA. Maine has summer & Fall, PA has Winter and Spring.

Kristy & John said...

I thought you were never blogging about weather again...?!?
I actually couldn't believe how chilly it was today with all the wind. I took the kids to the zoo and we had to wear sweatshirts! Nice & sunny though!

The Gawel's said...

We do have to shut the windows at night. You guys could always have another house in PA for the Spring and Winter! Miss you all!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Oh quit your bitching (someone had to say it)!

Next you'll be blogging about the lack of wet walnuts up here!!

T5M said... was 39 degrees this am when I left my house (wearing capris & open toe shoes)

MaineMomKC5 said...

Well it was 52 on this side of Eliot. You've obviously chosen the wrong side. The side where unicorns and fairies run free.

T5M said...

...the side that doesn't lose power when it rains..

..and based on your religious affiliation, I would think that you would like my lot - the unicorns are abundent.

MaineMomKC5 said...

How dare you smear the good name of the Great Unicornicopia!

I will report you to the other Unicornicopians promptly where you will be tarred, feathered and cooked on a George Foreman grill.

T5M said...

You must have misinterpreted the word "abundent"

abundent: plentiful

..not a "smear"...