Thursday, May 10, 2007


One of the nice things about living in this area is the high per capita percentage of vanity license plates. NH and ME seem be at a 1:5 vanity plate to non-vanity plate ratio. Trying to figure out what people have cryptically labeled their vehicles provides loads of entertainment for commuters and tourists alike.

Yesterday I was behind “CATWOMN”. Very intriguing. I mean, what kind of a woman would be so self confident that she would put herself in the ranks with the most seductive and sexy female/feline character of all time? I mean, you’d really have to have it “goin’ on” to put yourself in the same category as Halle Berry and Michele Phieffer (yes, I'm sure I spelled her name incorrectly, but am too lazy/apethetic to look it up). Anyway, I was so intrigued that I had to pass this mystery woman to get a glimpse of her (and possibly shoot her a dirty look for thinking that she's so hot). As I passed her, I was shocked to find a 65 year old grandma-looking woman innocently driving along. Gray curly hair, a white sweater draped over her shoulders, the whole bit. In fact, she wasn’t a “Cat Woman” at all; she was a “Cat Lady”. Very big difference. A “Cat Woman” is a leather clad dominatrix, a “Cat Lady” is a older woman who finds the companionship of cats so enjoyable that she owns no less than twenty. This amused me immensely.

This morning I was behind “Mr. PMS”. Now what kind of a guy drives that car?


Florida/MaineMom said...

He could be just any ordinary guy with bad initials????

My quess is that he longs for the PMS wife to be back in his life again. Instead, he has the menopause wife which is 20 times worse the the PMS wife.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

seth's favorite vanity plates story...he saw a woman in a convertible with the plates "TOPLESS"! :oD
as for PMS...i went to high school with a guy that had those unfortunate initials.
so...if you had to make up plates of your own, what would your's be?

T5M said...

Jerms and I saw one last week that said, "PD2BSXY" - must've been a hooker. Apparently she wasn't too sexy though, because she was only driving a Tracker.

In PA, I used to drive behind a guy a few times a week that had a bible reference as a license plate, it was ACTS something - I dig that because it sent me to the bible to look it up. I used to get caught behind him once a week. I've been behind Mrs. PMS twice in the last few weeks.

...I think I'd do that - pick a verse and reference that on my plate. How 'bout you?

KC5 said...