Tuesday, May 22, 2007

eHarmonious Wedding

This past weekend we attended Jim & Julie's wedding in the Poconos. Couples like Jim and Julie are helping to break the stereotypes of "internet dating". Back when I was in the singles scene, internet dating was for weirdos and losers. I think I actually got dragged on one by my friend Vanessa (otherwise & appropriately known as "Vanessa the dressa" - hey, we have a NE accent). Vanessa begged me to do a double date thing with some guys she met off of somewhere, thinking back, it may not have been the internet (it was early 90's - when did Gore invent the internet anyway?). It may've been Uncle Henry's for all I know. Anyway, she convinced me to accompany her on a blind double date with the caveat that I would get first pick between the two if either ended up decent. Needless to say, it was a painful dinner with two freaky geeks. The exact details are foggy, as I'm sure I was doing shots as appetizers. ...but enough about the "glory days", which were more like "gory days".

Jim and Julie found each other on eHarmony; they should totally be in the next commercial. I think Jim is a cool dude; he has hiked the Swiss Mountains, drives a motorcycle and a bicycle, holds public office, digs Jesus, is an attorney, loves kids, holds his own in poker, trivial pursuit, and wiffle ball with a 5 year old, has a great sense of humor, and at 33, has never been married, divorced, or in jail. I think that makes him a "catch". Julie is absolutely beautiful, and I'm sure she is wonderful because she knocked Jim off his feet (he proposed within 3 months of meeting her!). Anyway, without an further ado - here is a picture of the happy couple:

If that is what two people look like on their wedding day, here's what they look like 10 years and 3 kids later on the first night out alone:

I know it's terribly sad, we went to a local brewery and then to the local packy and headed back to the hotel room for a night of drinking and card-playing! I know it seems lame, but we had a blast (we obviously don't get out much).


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

SO great to see you guys this weekend! i'm so glad that you were able to come down for the wedding.
we're looking forward to coming up for the fourth :-D
ps- i think i got a cuter picture of you two at the reception!

T5M said...

You got a LOT of great pics ...you must've been standing over the professional photographers shoulder!!

We had such a great time with you guys and the whole Table 11 clan...I must admit, Jermaine and I were STILL laughing all the way home from that last comment that Seth made outside of Ralphs!!!

I'm penciling you guys in for July 4th weekend (now, is that the weekend before or after the holiday?!)


barbarakuhn said...

Ten yrs - how 'bout after 33 yrs. my husband & I spent 3 weeks 24/7 driving 6,300 miles across the country. We're still speaking & planning on next year's trip to Yellowstone, unless I can convince him to fly, I doubt it.

Florida/MaineMom said...

Glad you two had time to spend alone. You certainly deserve it!