Monday, May 28, 2007

Not Your Typical Weekend

Terrible title for this blog. I'm sure that you're thinking that I had some wild adventure this weekend, but let me quickly deflate your hopes of reading an exciting entry and let you know up front that this weekend was, although not "typical", not wildly exciting. Generally when the weekend rolls around, we have "a plan". The plan varies, but usually involves some sort of children's activity, household or lawn project, shopping (grocery or other necessary), and a Casey visit. This weekend there wasn't really a plan, we just went with the flow. Saturday was Will's birthday party & Sunday was church...after that we were pretty much open. The only other thing I needed to happen was for Jerms to dispurse the pile of top soil that was occupying my parking space in our driveway.

On Saturday Amelle & Mina had gymnastics - the thrill was in riding in Grandma's convertible with the top down on the highway while their hair smacked them in their gleeful little faces for the entire 2 minutes that we were on the highway. The second thrill was in prying Amelle off of Grandma's leg because she intuitively knew that grandmas have more sympathy than moms when it comes to separation anxiety (my mom: "she shouldn't have to do it if she doesn't want to). Then there was Will's party (see below blog).

Sunday was early church then a trip to my dad's and grandparents grave sites to plant flowers, then a tour through "the old neighborhood" and what seemed like every neighborhood in between. Fried seafood happened. The beach happened. Fried Dough happened. Upset stomach happened.

Today we did nothing except for take turns trying to catch sleep. At 3p we headed over to my mom's for slow cooked food in "the green egg" - I'm sure that if you were to google that, you'd see what I'm talking about. It took 19 hours (or so it seemed), but the food was delicious. Gordo is still in the "experimental phase" - I'm sure the timing thing will work itself out by the time Labor day comes around.

It just felt like an atypical weekend. Maybe because there was "no plan". Maybe because it was the first weekend my mom is "living in Maine". Maybe because it was a 3-day weekend. Maybe because we didn't do any household work. Maybe it was a combination of all those things.
Amaya takes my mom for a walk:

The kids enjoyed exploring Grandma's new neighborhood:

So close (to swimming), yet so far away... (Amelle would've given anything to dive in!)
The scene from Grandma's place - while we waited for "the egg" to cook our food. Those pebbles kept the kids occupied for a good hour...who needs toys/Nintendo/television?!
Oh, and in case you're wondering, the soil is still in the driveway...
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Kristy & John said...

Did I miss the blog entry that your mom was moving to ME? That is GREAT! I feel like I haven't caught up with you much either. My mom has a "for sale" sign on her house, it is very weird. We have been trying to convince her to move close to us for a fresh start. Amaya is so stinkin' cute!
BTW, we were just in France, we are in Germany right now, then we will be in Sweden - boy I don't even know what language I speak anymore! Well, I will call you when I get back

Kristy & John said...

I feel like I just left an e-mail, not a comment!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i couldn't help but think of what a tangled mess amelle's hair must've been after that short trip in the convertible! you must have used a whole bottle of detangler!

is your mom in ME for the summer or more permanently?
sounds like a good weekend...looking forward to coming up in a month or so :o)

T5M said...

...she's in Maine for the summer and in Florida for the winter (some call those folks "snowbirds", we call them "wimps"). :-)

Ha ha Nance - you are so right about the tangled mess!!! :-D

Jones - all that travel sounds awesome!!! But it does beg the question, "when are you two going to make your way up to Maine?!" If you can get to France, Germany, and Sweden, no excuses for not coming to Maine this summer!!!!

barbarakuhn said...

Great your mom can be near her grandchildren (& you) I'm working on N/S to buy a Mom/daughter house in Philly & we'll get an apt. in Pittsburgh & winter in Florida.

Florida/MaineMom said...

Loved doing "things" with my family this past weekend. This is what life is all about! Good times!