Monday, May 07, 2007

Wit & Wisdom from Amelle

This morning as I performed my morning routine, somewhere in between ironing and making kids lunches Amelle said to me, "You're wearing those shoes?" (referring to my open toe slingbacks)

Me: "Yes"
Amelle: "Does everyone have to see your toes?"
Me: "Only if they look"
Amelle: "Yesterday I saw Uncle Shaun's toes for the first time"
Me: "Oh" (My thinking: this is gonna be good. Let's just say that when God was handing out toes, He gave my brother an extra helping. In fact, He may've actually put fingers on my brother's feet. According to unnamed sources, when Shaun comes downstairs, his toes arrive a full 2 minutes earlier than the rest of his body). ...."so what did you think" (I had to prod her a bit)
Amelle: "They weren't cute"
Me: "No?"
Amelle: "And they were clean"
Me: "Oh really?"
Me: "Anything else?"
Amelle: "No."


KC5 said...

Thanks Amelle. I will mention the cleanliness comment to my pedicurist when I pick up my dry cleaning.

Florida/MaineMom said...


Does your pedicurist charge you extra due to the lenght of your fingers that protrude from your feet?

Mine does!

MaineMomKC5 said...

"Said source" is not me.

I've always thought that if for some reason Shaun loses a finger/thumb, he has ten choices below.

Trish said...

i'm not a foot person, so that story gives me the chills! conversations with kids are so funny!

Kristy & John said...

I think as long as you are getting pedicures, you're feet are pretty much good to go (unless you have one of those fungus infection things, then you need some help!) A debate to start here:
Who thinks it is ok for a man to get a pedicure at least in the summer (no nail polish of course)?
I say "yes" it is not too feminine and have been trying to get John to go at least once to see how it is

What do you all think?!?

KC5 said...

I checked the guide of Man Laws. Here is what it says...verbatim "Any man caught willingly or unwillingly receiving a non medicinal "cure" such as Pedi- or Mani- shall have his Man Card immediately and permanently removed FOREVER (yelling).

MaineMomKC5 said...

Sorry, Kristy, I think it's kinda . . . girly.

I like a man who has some dirt under his nails. I have Erin to go to the Asian Nail shop with!

Speaking of that, we went the other night - she got a pedi, and I got a mani - and I'm pretty sure her and her male nail guy had a little something something going on. He rubbed her toes for over a half hour (I had received a pedicure earlier in the day at a different Asian Nail Factory and mine lasted a whopping ten minutes at best).

Her guy was breaking a sweat as he labored over her Flintstone toes (sorry Erin, your toes aren't much better than your brother's). At one point, I looked over from my vantage point to see him in a relaxing position just flicking her toes, then he went back to another round of lotion, rubbing and smacking. It was obnoxious!

They ended it with a shared cigarette and the exchange of phone numbers.

Okay, well that part may not be exactly true . . but the first part is.

All in all, for her, as well as myself, it was FUN & SEXY.

T5M said...

Jones: I'm not down with Men getting their nails done (toes or fingers). Yucky. (Think Mel)

Wendy: Don't hate.

Kristy & John said...

Yeah, I didn't think about Mel. I just can't stand looking at dirty toenails!