Sunday, June 17, 2007

Behind Every Good Man.... his woobie.

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband (and his woobie). As noted above, the woobie transends all seasons and good hygiene, the woobie is interwoven on my husband's DNA.

For without you there would be no me, and without your woobie, there would be no you. And without both of us, there would be no kids, and....

well, you mean the world to me Jer, I adore you... woobie and all. ...And as a special father's day favor, I shall refer to the woobie as a "jacket" (there, I said it), even though everyone knows that it is a mere zip up sweatshirt.

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Florida/MaineMom said...

So, Jermaine, what happened to your guy yesterday????????

Hope you had a great Father's Day anyway

T5M said...

Oh boy, the sports trash talking is on!

No magic yesterday - what a bummer. Jermaine tortured me by making me watch all of Tiger's putts in slow motion. ...then he fast forwarded through everyone else's shots. We watched the entire 6-hour tournament in 30 minutes.

Kristy & John said...

Enough of Jermaine, look at that nice hair you got going on! Was that recent? It looks really nice!!

PS, Why is it called a woobie?

T5M said...

...why is it a woobie - because it's like a security blanket that he wears (every day).

...the hair - May 2006. ...come to Maine and you can see more of it!

MaineMomKC5 said...

May 2006? Weren't you still in Philly? And that's an Amy E bag that you got with me. Your timing is off, sistah.

T5M said...

Correction: May 2007.

What year is it again?

Ut oh - too much "highlighting" - I'm becoming "a blonde"!