Thursday, June 07, 2007


Amelle graduated from Kindergarten today. Not being one for "audiences", we weren't sure how she was going to do on stage, but she did very well. She received her "diploma", a Bible, and a Character Award for "Gentleness" (she gets that from her mother - ha!)

Here are some of her fans!

Then off for her first manicure - Grandma's treat! The lollypop helped her pucker so that she didn't have to work so hard at hiding her smile. She LOVED getting her nails done. Ut oh!!

Then was lunch - she wanted to "go someplace we could walk to - like the city", so we went to downtown Portsmouth, which was city-enough for her. Here's a shot of Wendy (aka Tia Leoni), Will, and Amelle showing their "assets"...uh hum... against a "Portsmouth skyscraper" - impressive eh?

Those involved with reading my previous "comment-less" blog entry, might find this mildly amusing: I ended up "foresaking my job responsibilities" and taking the entire day off to spend with Amelle on her special day. Ironically, after lunch, Amelle ditched me to go over her Auntie Wendy's house. :-)
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The Gawel's said...

Congratulations Amelle!

I'm so glad you got to take the day off! I hope your boss understood. I wanted to also let you know that I think you are a great Mom!
Love Ya!

Florida/MaineMom said...


At least you got to spend the day with your soon-to-be other child!

Kristy & John said...

How did you get that picture? Were you laying on the ground?!? That is too funny!!!
Congratulations Amelle!