Sunday, June 10, 2007

Man's Best Friend?

So we adopted "Tracker" (see Wendy's Blog), he is now "Hunter" and is the 6th Moore. The funny thing about this guy is that when he lived at Wendy's house, he was 1) housebroken, 2) sweet & quiet 3) smelled good. As a "Moore", he is none of those things. In fact, I'd actually describe him as "reverse housebroken" - he literally comes in the house (after being outside all day) to go to the bathroom (on living room floor).

Here is Jerms and his new best friend.

You know I'm not good with sayings, but isn't there one about "letting lying dogs sleep", or "never wake a sleeping dog" ...or something like that - here Amelle pushed her luck as she tries to "explore" Hunter's paw while he naps.

1st bath. This was definitely a group effort, as he was afraid of the water.

Here's Amelle having "a ball" with the new family member.
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Florida/MaineMom said...

I think Wendy told Hunter to do everything the opposite of what he was doing at her house.

You know how sister-in-laws can be?

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

you crack me up when it comes to the sayings! :o) it's "let sleeping dogs lie"...what happened when amelle messed with his paw?
i hope things get easier for you guys!

Kristy & John said...

I'm so glad you decided to adopt the dog - I bet the kids were sooo excited! Are you warming up to him yet?

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

Hey, glad to see Jermaine finally got his dog! Lil' Hunter looks good next to his pop... every man should have a dog.

BTW Jermaine, that's a smooth hat.


Kristy & John said...

You guys are killing me! I just asked John this morning if we could get a puppy because I have this sudden urge to hold something little warm and cute! I can't get enough of puppies with their small bodies and big feet! He said it's either a puppy or a baby! Just kidding, but his answer was basically "no". I almost have him convinced though to be a "foster puppy parent". How exactly do you go about getting involved in that, Wendy?

KC5 said...

Kristy, I said no to animals as well. As of last week we had 2 dogs and a cat. Thanks to the Moores we are down to 1 dog.

MaineMomKC5 said...

Kristy, I would definitely foster first. This way if you wanted to keep it, you could (and if you didn't want to you wouldn't have to). It's a good way to sample!!

Anyway, check with your local rescue groups!! There are SO many great dogs waiting for homes (just check out Millions of animals are put to sleep each year b/c they can't find a good home (or they are not suitable for homes such as dogs used for fighting - but that's a whole 'nother story!!).

Anyway, I totally stand behind fostering - but I will say I miss Hunter!! And Erin, it will get easier!!