Tuesday, June 05, 2007


On Sunday Jerms had the good fortune of accompanying Shaun to the Sox/Yankees game. They had amazing seats - and the kids and I had a great time viewing them on television (they were right in the camera shot for all right-handed batters.

Here's me, with the Tivo in hand, "See Uncle Shaun, he's in the white hat, right under Derek Jeter's armpit, and see daddy next to him in his woobie".
Here's Amelle, "How did they get in the TV?"

Though we thought that the highlight of the night was watching daddy on television; it turned out that the real highlight would be Avery receiving a baseball from the game, and later watching footage of his dad catching it (a foul ball by Coco Crisp - crazy name - huh, sound like cereal).

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Kristy & John said...

That's precious! I only had the good fortune of being in the first row on left outfield (or right I can't remember)and having a great view of Pat Burrell's butt at a Phillies game once.

Dev said...

Hey Erin, That's cool, I was actually at the Phillies game on Sunday, getting rained on, we had great seats also, and they pulled out a win against SF, got to see Barry Bonds, but he didn't do anything. Also got to see Danny DeVito.

Florida/MaineMom said...

Great catch, Jermaine. Happy for Avery and his new major league ball!