Monday, June 18, 2007

My Girl

I know I talk about the kids as a collective group quite a bit, but I think it’s important to also step back and take an evaluative look at them as individuals every once and a while.

Here’s a look at my zany middle child.

Amelle is a funny kid, unique in almost every way. She loves adults (more than other kids). Amelle was described by her kindergarten teacher as “the child that follows the aides around during recess”. She also visited the school nurse daily, not because she was ill or injured, but because she was probably more comfortable being with an adult than a room full of kids. Amelle loves candy, band-aids, vitamins, and being the boss. She refers to Amaya as “Sweetie” when no one is in ear shot. She loves helping people, doing cartwheels, jumping rope, and received a reward for her “gentleness”. She likes to write fast and messy, as if simulating the way an adult would sign their name. Grades are meaningless to her. She can be expected to sustain some small injury each day, for which she will require 1) a band-aid, 2) a gum band-aid, 3) a gummy band-aid, 4) an ice-pack, or 5) any combination of the above. She hates getting her hair combed, smiling when expected to, and being the center of attention. She absolutely can't tolerate the sight of blood or the sound of babies crying. She has been told that she has "beautiful eyes" by strangers nearly every day of her life. She loves her blankie and she goes to sleep with a Jesus figurine every night to ward off bad dreams. She’s the alpha dog in Hunter’s world and he is protective of her. She loves to “tell on people” and she can’t keep a secret. She eats hummus, guacamole, and broccoli, but only the crust of her pizza. She lives in a world of action and reaction and understands that when she does something wrong there is a punishment expected. Most recently when she was disobedient, I told her that she was grounded from Chap-stick (make-up) for a month. When we returned home, she immediately went through the house and collected every Chap-stick she could find and put them all in a large zip lock bag and handed them to me for safe keeping (without me asking her to do so).

Amelle with "Sweetie"..

Content to "just be"..
Always willing to "cheese" for the camera!
Amelle is such a special child. I thank God for her.


MaineMomKC5 said...

LOVE the first picture of Amelle!

She is definitely quirky! I look forward to watching her grow up!

Kristy & John said...

Erin, that was such a nice post! That is going to be awesome for Amelle to go back when she gets older and read the wonderful what her mom wrote about her - precious!

BTW, it didn't take too long for her beautiful hair to grow out!!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i'm getting a little teary-eyed reading it! it's been fun watching her grow up. reading this reminded me of helping you comb through the mound of curls, you finding her finger indentation in the hummus when she was a little thing, and having her by my side almost every time we were over at your house. she's precious! love the pictures too...

barbarakuhn said...

Nice insights to your daughter. Could I write a description like that of my girls? Or my husband?Hmmmm

Florida/MaineMom said...

She is the most precious child. Quirky like her mother was in many ways. She will be an outstanding adult and it will be fun watching her grow.

Spoken like a true grandmom!

This is so precious, Erin.