Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I just returned from our semi-annual HR Offsite meeting. Ironically the team gathered in Portsmouth, NH which is much, much closer to home than my office in Portland. I am part of such a great and talented HR team, I truly feel honored to work alongside this group of women, I have learned so much from them.

Here are "my girls" (Maria - Boston & Jodi - Arizona) Team motto: Work hard, play hard. ...and yes, our boss "caught us" at the Coach Outlet on Monday! Here we are cruising around Portsmouth Harbor:

The weather was absolutely perfect boating weather - I couldn't resist this shot of all the sailboats (I was drooling, wanting to be on one of them so badly!!):

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse on New Castle Island:

The sky meets the ocean:
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KC5 said...

Man do you live in a nice part of the country

MaineMomKC5 said...

Can't beat Maine for the scenery!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

looking forward to seeing it in person!
by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :o)

The Gawel's said...

Happy Birthday Erin!

T5M said...

Thank you! :-)

...however, I'm no longer acknowledging birthdays, as they are a sign of age.

...I am also no longer acknowledging wrinkles, age spots, gray hairs, unwarranted aches and pains, and/or extra pounds.

Dev said...

Happy Birthday Erin

Kristy & John said...

Happy Birthday Erin - I completely forgot to tell you when we were on the phone yesterday - boy am I a horrible friend!! I hope you enjoyed your day!

T5M said...

You're a wonderful friend. I completely forgot to call you back on my way home from work yesterday ...I'm the horrible one! :-)

I blame Wendy, she had me on lock-down all the way home from work. I do all my personal phone conversations during my commute. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to install a switchboard in my car - the secret it out - that's how you can reach me & I am able to talk without interruptions! :-)

Kristy & John said...

Are you ever going to set up your voicemail? We can't even leave your busy butt a message - whar's up with that?!?