Sunday, July 01, 2007

8 People, 4 Hours, 1 Ocean, 0 Fish

The only upside to waking up at 6am:

Mom enjoys being at the sea with Amelle... (where is the life vest?!?!)

My mom describes Amelle as a natural mariner; she cared very little about the fishing aspect, she enjoyed being at the helm of the boat ("I'm the Queen of the world!"):

Ariel perfects the art of sleep fishing:

As the title suggests, there were no fish caught on this deep sea adventure. As a side note, it deserves mention that Jermaine went out solo fishing last night and caught himself a little something (2-foot-ish Striped Bass). I'll post the picture once I get my hands on it. However, this doesn't make up for the fact that when he came home at midnight, he tracked beach sand all over my house. I walked out of my bedroom this morning and thought the stepped onto the beach.
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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

did anyone get seasick?

T5M said...


Kristy & John said...

Did you guys rent a boat or take a "fishing tour". We did that down in Florida a few years ago - a lot of fun!

T5M said...

...that was actually the family yacht.

JK - it was admission thing, that same boat also does whale watches... ...maybe we can go IF YOU EVER COME TO MAINE!!!!

Florida/MaineMom said...

The life vest were on the boat put they were not offered to us. Guess I should have asked.