Monday, July 30, 2007

Bye Bye Black…berry

Last winter I walked out to the car one brisk morning and noticed my razor phone in the snow by my car door. Clearly it must’ve fallen out the day before and spent the night in the sub-freezing temperatures. To my surprise, once the car heated up, it functioned…most of the time. Those of you who regularly speak to me via cell phone have come to realize that the razor suffered some mild brain damage - it completely shuts off for no reason every once in a while. I didn’t bother to do anything about it, it was a minor annoyance.

About a month ago the razor suffered another minor blip in functionality – an error message, “invalid battery”. The invalid battery message could not be explained, but I remedied it by removing the battery and then inserting it again. I was very proud of myself for this technical wizardry. However, last weekend, the razor suffered yet another flaw, one of the screws fell out, leaving the top precariously hanging from the bottom. Then to make matters worse, the "invalid battery" message reappeared, leaving me no choice but to report it to my local IT helpdesk.

I went through the process of explaining the decline in functionality in a lengthy e-mail to our local site IT guys only to receive a message back from them saying, “Is it company-issued?”

Duh. I guess desktop folks must get a lot of weird requests, but I’m not so stupid that I would report problems with personal equipment to my company’s desktop support people. "Yes".

Long story short, they didn’t have a record of me having a phone and they said it would be easier to just issue me a Blackberry. Initially I declined, but the desktop guy told me that it would cost the same and that the new handhelds were quite compact, then he sold me on the benefits of having all of my Outlook contacts at a finger’s touch. I reluctantly agreed to the Blackberry on a trial basis and later on that day I was checking my e-mail from my new phone. Less than 24 hours later I decided to take a dramatic stand against technology by abruptly ending my trial period as I packed away the Blackberry into its original box (the components and manuals had never been unpacked) and set it on my kitchen counter, determined never to use it ever again.

The Blackberry didn’t do anything wrong per say, I just don’t want it. I don’t want to learn how to type on a little bity keypad, I don’t want to have non-stop access to my work e-mail (okay, maybe there is a little part of me that does), I don’t want to converse with a mini-computer up to my ear, but mainly I really don’t want to learn how to use it. I feel like my brain is at capacity. It’s like I might have to unlearn something that I already know in order to squeeze in all the tips & tricks (actual name of one of the manuals that came with it) of using the Blackberry.

So now I feel like I’m an old person. You know, the ones that are “afraid of technology”. For the record though, I’m not afraid of it, I am just uninterested in it. So today I called IT and asked them to fix my Razor.
Bye Bye Blackberry.


Kristy & John said...

Welcome to the world of everyone at work being able to contact you EVERYWHERE you are! You cannot escape it and you will have to eventually go to Blackberry Rehab. John and I are both shackled to it's ugly chains! His almost went in to the Pacific Ocean on our Honeymoon last year. The thing I like most about mine though is the GPS navigation system that it has in it - pretty cool!

KC5 said...

You do sound like an old person Erin.

Get an iPhone...

MaineMomKC5 said...

Erin, I completely understand you on this issue. Shaun gave me his old phone which has all that "new wave technology" (send/receive emails, internet, etc...).

I just can't be bothered. I want a phone that sends and receives calls - that's all I need. I like simple.

I don't always want to be "connected." What happened to working from 9-5? We no longer have boundaries as to when works starts and when it ends. Pretty soon they'll implant some sort of chip in our hands that will be a substitute for the cell phone.

Then we'll never get away from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i'm with you erin, they're way to clunky.
wendy might be on to something...she might want to patent that idea :-) at least then you don't risk losing or dropping your phone!

Florida/MaineMom said...

Speaking from the older generation side of things, yesterday, I was thinking that I would like to try an iPhone. Maybe it is because I have more time to learn how to use it. It looks like fun!

Right now I can hear Shaun and Erin laughing their heads off. Ma wants an iPhone when she doesn't even know how to use her cell phone that is 5 years old! Well, I'm not going to buy one but if one were given to me, I would learn how to use it.

T5M said...

No one is going to give you an iphone.

...but I do think it's cute that you want one.