Sunday, July 15, 2007

Clearing Dirt

So Dirt got his haircut this weekend. Getting a haircut is a big deal for Dirt because he is very particular about the people who cut his hair. He literally commutes an hour to Massachusetts to get his hair coiffed. ...yes, this is the same man who cares not about appearances. ...and yes, this is the same man, who's hair grows in so fast that even if he were to get a bad haircut from a local barber, it would be grown in by 5pm the following day.

My husband literally loves his barber. He's a Christian, so Dirt feels spiritually uplifted by the whole haircutting experience. The funny thing about Dirt's barber is that he takes some creative liberties when he "shapes up" Dirt's beard. This weekend, Dirt came home with this little (and I do mean little) number:

Dirt: "I let him do what he wants with the beard, I know I'm just going to shave it off when I get home, but he thinks he's hooking me up...[pause]...he obviously doesn't know me very well".

I was laughing so hard, I made him pose for these shots. Within 15 minutes of arriving home, he had shaved this mess off of his face. The true beauty of the whole thing is how Dirt won't let the local barbers even attempt to trim his hair (which consists of running a #2 blade evenly over his entire head), yet he lets his Massachusetts barber get metrosexual with the beard.

My final gripe: My husband pays his barber for this. The haircut is one expense and the beard trim is another. So instead of shaving before he goes to the barbershop so that he can 1) avoid an unsightly beard-do 2) avoid the extra expense of the beard trim, and 3) get out of the shop faster, since there is already a full 2-hours worth of commuting time involved, he just goes and lets his barber have his way with his beard.

This is the man I love.

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KC5 said...

I think his name should be "Skirt" not "Dirt".

Florida/MaineMom said...

Men and their hair! I know of only one other thing that men would drive 2 hours to fix, but I can't mention it on this blog. I'll leave it to your imagination!

Kristy & John said...

I have no comment!

Denise said...

I hope his barber doesn't read your blog! He might get offended that he shaved his "creation" off his face as soon as he got home! :)
I've cut Tim's hair for him since we've been married. It's nice being his barber b/c then I can have his hair look the way I like it ;)

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

seth said that he puked a little in his mouth when he saw the pictures of jermaine's new beard...he said it's the work of the devil.

T5M said...

...if his barber wasn't so sold out for Jesus, I'd have thought the same thing - it was horrific!

Dirt and I were laughing at how much the little bit of facial hair changed his whole look and even persona!

Denise - Dirt used to let me cut his hair, for like the first 5 months, when he was "in love" - now he won't let me go near it.

Shaun - "Skirt?!?" ...from the guy who gets his hair cut at "Lords and Ladies"?!?!?

KC5 said...

I get my haircut based on speed-this means I usually go to the least qualified hair personnel. And I dont come out looking like Prince.