Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It was only a matter of time...

Much as I predicted in an earlier post, boat-talk has happened. The boys wasted more time than I care to blog about traipsing around the New England seacoast looking at boats today, thus commencing Phase I of "the obsession". Here are the remaining phases:

Phase II: Impulse-control. This is where the boys frantically try to conduct life, while controlling their impulse to buy the first thing that looks good to them. The trick during this phase is to balance the hours of Internet research while being productive enough in their commission based jobs to earn enough money to justify the expenditure.

Phase III: The Purchase. This occurs when they buy the "thing that they are currently obsessing about". Notice how early Phase III occurs and note that Phase III is not the final phase in the process.

Phase IV: Buyers remorse. This is when they question whether or not they should've spent that much money on a man-toy.

Phase V: Rationalization. At this stage, they feel they must rationalize the purchase by using it as much as possible. The beauty is, that they are awarded bonus rationalization points with the more kids they can involve.

Phase VI: Accessory Obsession. This phase occurs once they have recovered from Phase IV and are ready to further invest in said item. During this phase, they begin to obsess over parts, accessories, and equipment for the item purchased. Note: this phase can only commence once they have successfully completed Phase V.

Phase VII: Next! This phase occurs when they move on to the next thing.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

there should probably be a phase in between the accessory and next...where the toy remains in the corner of the garage/yard, collecting dust or rust!
unfortunately, us ladies aren't immune to it...our "toys" just tend to be a little smaller and cheaper, i think (ahem, stampin' up?!).

Kristy & John said...

That's so funny! Since we have a "beach house" to go to whenever we want now, John and I have been pricing out boats. We can now justify it due to the huge increase and bonus that John just received! Everytime he is thinking about leaving there, they come back with an offer he can't refuse! Trust me, for how close you guys live by the water, you will definitely get some good use out of a boat - worth the investment (just not the gas price!)

MaineMomKC5 said...

My question is, "What's next??"

T5M said...

What next? Hmmm....
Mid-life crisis corvettes

...who knows...

KC5 said...

Erin, you nailed the order except mid life crisis-we may already be there.