Thursday, July 05, 2007

Observations From The Field

I hate listening to the radio, PARTICUARLY morning shows. Wait, I have to add a qualifier, I love good talk radio – (Micheal Medved – yes, I’m proud to be a “med head” –though living in the sticks has made it impossible to catch him without downloading the shows onto my ipod.)

Anyway, I took the ipod out of the car a few weeks ago in hopes of getting some new stuff uploaded on (burn the new Maroon 5 CD to it, add some new Medved shows, add some Joe Focht), but I never got around to asking Jerms to do it for me, so the ipod sits on his desk (I’m hoping via this blog, that those things will get added to it today, except for the Maroon 5 CD, which is still in the car – wait, is this blog turning into a "honey do e-mail" to Jerms?)

Okay, so where was I – oh yeah, I was rationalizing why I’ve been forced to listen to morning radio and I wanted to share my observations:

1) Top 3 words to describe morning radio DJs: obnoxious, dumb, egotistical.
2) I’d rather listen to commercials than morning DJ banter.
3) The only thing I dislike more than the DJs themselves is people who "follow them" and put them at some sort of celebrity status. Write a book - then we'll talk.
4) I know more about Britney Spears and Paris Hilton than I ever want to know – would you believe that they give a full report on these two women daily? “…she was seen at the beach in Malibu yesterday wearing a white suit – she looked good” (you’ve got to be kidding me?!?! – I turn to commercial here).
5) The seacoast traffic report is the best part of the show, everyday: “…the commute looks good today, 101 westbound clear, 95 northbound clear, 95 southbound clear, traffic moving right along on route 1 North and Southbound”. This cracks me up – the traffic guy talks real slow and relaxed. In Philadelphia – not so much… they talk so fast that I could never even hear them announce my route - even when I really concentrated to try to hear it – and the words “backed up”, “jammed solid” and “plugged up” were often heard to describe the traffic situation. …not to say that the seacoast doesn’t get “jammed up” – it can on Friday and Sunday evenings – but not on my commute.

That's all I have to say about that.


Kristy & John said...

I have to agree with you - except that I somehow get sucked in when all of the celebrity gossip is on, I don't know what it is, it's like I have to get my weekly update (I even subscribe to US Weekly)! The thing I hate is that all I want to hear in the moring on my 45 minute commute is some music. Not callers calling in to comment about the "topic of the day" which sometimes I think is "R" rated to begin with! Just play music from 7 - 9 am PLEASE!!

T5M said...

Yes!!!! ...just play the music please!!!!

KC5 said...


barbarakuhn said...

I did learn a new phrase in the Philly traffic reports, gaper delay(gape; a stare of wonder or surprise in which the mouth is wide open). In north jersey it's rubber-necking. Whatever you call it, it's annoying.