Sunday, July 22, 2007

Parenting 101 ....Dirt Style

Dirt took Avery and Amelle fishing early yesterday morning. Later that day he shared with me a clever little parenting technique.

As many of you know, Dirt smokes. However, the children are not privy to this habit. In order for him to engage in his habit, the area has to be free from children. This can get tricky when he takes the kids fishing. However, the old adage applies, "where there's a will, there's a way"...

Dirt cleverly developed a scavenger hunt game for the kids while the rods were plunked in the sand. He would send them into the nearby woods - "Who can bring back a rock as large as their fist?" ...then the kids would run off and Dirt would light up. A few minutes later the kids would gleefully appear with the rock and the cigarette would go down by Dirt's side, out of site. "What next!?", they'd ask. Dirt would quickly think of the next thing, "Who can bring back a stick as long as their arm?", and the kids would run off again. The kids were having a blast and couldn't wait to get the next assignment from Dirt. The game would get progressively more challenging, as Dirt needed to indulge in his habit, "Who can bring back the thighbone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex?"....

Good stuff.


Kristy & John said...

All I can say to that is I smoked for 10 years and the only reason it was so easy to quit was for 2 reasons:
1. My husband despised it
2. My father died from it

I would never wish the 2nd one for anyone to have to go through but once you experience that you have a different take on life! I did my fair share of sneaking around smoking behind John's back when it was really hard at first to quit! He'll get there!

T5M said...

...I'm sorry, but isn't he sexy with that hillbilly nightlight strapped to his forehead?

My man is FINE!