Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Friends, Good Times

Seth & Nancy came to visit us this weekend, we had a great time, I think the picture grid was the only way to capture all that we did in the 48 hours that they were here! On Friday we headed over to Fort Foster for some grilling by the sea. It was fun for the kids to run loose on the deserted beach while the adults got a chance to catch up. Against Seth's will, we made him walk down the long pier and we enjoyed the views of the sun setting. Later that evening, we enjoyed adult beverages on the back porch.

On Saturday Dirt woke up at 4am to take Seth fishing. He put on a pot of coffee, got dressed, put the boots on and got the rods ready. As he opened the garage door, he noticed that it was raining. Back to bed. At a more reasonable hour, Nancy and I headed over to the Kittery Outlets and got some highball glasses at Crate & Barrel. Just before noon we headed over the the local Maine Festival, kind of a neat opportunity for Seth and Nancy to get a glimpse of Maine Life (both had never been to Maine before). They got to try "Moxie", check out some farm animals, and watch Avery do some "rock climbing". After the Maine Festival, we headed to the Pease AFB Air show. It was soooo windy! ...but a beautiful day! ...I'm not sure if I was more impressed by the airplanes or the clouds - which were spectacular! We got home early enough for Seth and Dirt to do some shootin' at the local range and then Dirt grilled up some of the seacoast's finest steak from the "The Meathouse" - yum!

This morning we headed over to Nubble Light in York and then to church. Good sermon. Then we bid our dear friends goodbye, it seemed like such a whirlwind visit, but that's just how things seem to go for us. There never seems to be enough time to do all that we want to do. I'm so glad they came to visit, I feel very blessed to have such good friends.
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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

it really was a whirlwind weekend! i'm so glad that the storms held off and we were able to make it up to see you guys. thanks so much for having us...we're already looking forward to our next visit!

Kristy & John said...

Wow, now I really can't wait to come up there!! That's so funny that you mentioned "Moxie" soda. I used to drink that at my Memmy's house when I was little. I didn't even think they made that anymore!! After researching it on the internet, it seems that they practically stopped production of it because of the decrease in demand. All except for the folks in New England. Maine had such a huge demand for it that it was named the official state soft drink of Maine and is about the only place left where you can actually get it! Wow!

MaineMomKC5 said...

All the more reason to come to Maine, Kristy. It's really the Way Life Should Be.