Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Half Birthday

All of my mother's grandchildren except for one (soon to be two) have birthdays spread throughout the summer months, and then there's Amelle in February. All of these years my mom has been a trooper about coming up to Maine/PA during the middle of the winter to sing Happy Birthday to Amelle. She's endured a lot over the last six years: caught in a blizzard or two, stuck in PA due to a baggage handlers strike (which she opted to take a bus back to FL - against my better judgement), etc.

Last winter I recommended that instead of coming up for Amelle's actual birthday in Feb, maybe they could celebrate her half birthday in August and have a really special day together. So all summer long they've been planning this day (today). Manicures, Pedicures, shopping, lunch, beach, sleepover, birthday cake...the whole nine.

Yesterday when I informed Amelle that Grandma was going to be picking her up for her half birthday, her eyes got big and she had a look of pure terror in her eyes. She began to tear and cry, "I don't want to get a shot!". She calmed down after I assured her that she didn't have to get a physical or a shot on her half birthday.

So today I called my mom to check in and see how their day was going. My mom informed me that she took her for manicures and pedicures (she said there was a whole lot of puckering going on) and shopping, the sky was the limit. The first thing that Amelle wanted on their shopping expedition was a tub of vaseline.

This is Amelle.


Kristy & John said...

Too cute! Puckering because she did not want to actually "smile"? I love that! I can't wait to have a niece, the girls are so much fun when they get into that "girly" stage - as long as they aren't whiny! I think you lucked out on that, Amelle has a great personality!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Yes, Amelle is SO not whiny!!

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

She's a cutey for sure!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

vaseline?! at least she's easy to please! :o)
looks like the storms are heading our way tonight so we should be in the clear for the weekend...apparently saturday and sunday are supposed to be perfect down here. i'll keep you posted!!

KC5 said...

I am going to have an every other year Birthday that only counts as 1 year.

Florida/MaineMom said...

Forgot to tell you one of the most important parts. As usual, Amelle didn't want us to sing "happy birthday" even though the 6 1/2 candles were on the cake and ready to light. So she just made a wish and puffed away.

Otherwise, except for buying her vasoline and personal size hand sanitizer as a birthday present, the day went as planned.

Forecasting 10 years down the road, she'll be asking me to take her to Bloomingdale's and she won't be asking for vasoline. I better start saving now!!!!