Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just Another Day in Paradise

I snapped these pictures the other day, nothing special, just the kids playing outside. While I was sitting on the front stairs watching them zip around the driveway carelessly, I thought that it would be moments like this that I would someday look back on and miss temendously. A random summer evening with the kids playing happily in the driveway, Hunter wrestling in the yard with his best dog-friend, Scout, and Dirt and I relaxing on the front stairs together talking about the day, fishing, work, life, God, whatever.

God is good.

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KC5 said...

The State should pay me a recruiting fee. I am glad you guys are happy here, There is no better place to live.

MOM said...

I agree, there is no better place to live!

I remember some of those days were we just sat outside and watched the kids play. It was a nightly occurence on Marsh Ave. The whole gang just hanging out! Very fond memories