Friday, August 31, 2007

Making a Splash!

Yesterday we went to Water Country in Portsmouth. This wasn't the plan, the plan was to go to the White Mountains. However, the night before the kids asked me where we were going and I said it was "a surprise". Then Avery asked what it started with and I said "W". After thinking about it all night, apparently he figured out that we were going to Water Country (starts with "W"), and he woke up Amelle informing her of this. When I told them that we were actually headed to the White Mountains, they didn't seem that thrilled, so we decided to let them choose.

This was the second trip to Water Country for me and the kids, we had gone once when Ariel was visiting (I didn't bring my camera). This time, Dirt and Amaya joined us.

Avery & Daddy get spit out!

Avery takes the plunge!

Amelle's idea of a good time. No trip is complete without Amelle being dissatisfied over something. (I'm sure my family is reading this with a smile on their faces, I know...this was me as a child).

The belly of the beast. You are looking at what was perhaps Amelle's greatest fear of the day. As soon as we decided that we were going to go to Water Country, Amelle asked, "Is Daddy going to take his shirt off?" She spent the remaining part of the day trying to convince both me and Dirt that this would not be a good idea. "I don't think Daddy should take his shirt off because his belly is really big, and it's hairy, and disgusting, and no one should see that".

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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

she comes out with the funniest things! looks like a fun time.

KC5 said...

Lived in the area all my life and have never been to water country......Another instant classic by Amelle.

MOM said...

You are right! Amelle is the little Erin. Erin didn't turn out so bad so there is a lot to look forward to!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Seems as if you have your own "Bear Grylls!"