Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Princess

Last night Shaun, Mina, Avery and I went to the closing night of Joelle's 1st theatre production. She had her stage debut as a Princess in "The King and I" here in Ogunquit, starring Lorenzo Llamas, Rachel DeBenedet, and Paolo Montalban. Joelle did such a great job, I was so proud of her.

Here's the little actress, after the show.

The star and her fans, Avery & Mina.

Joelle and Paolo

The "afterparty". If being out until midnight wasn't enough, there was a pizza party for the cast after the show at a local pizza place/bar. As the kids "got busy" on the dance floor, Shaun looked at me and said, "can they take our kids from us for this?" (meaning, being out in a bar with them at 1:00am).

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Florida/MaineMom said...

Bars and 1:00am???? O.K. it was a special occasion. I just want to know how many beers did they have?

Joelle did an amazing job at her age participating in the "King and I". A lot of hard work and dedication had to come out of this 10 year old. She loved every minute of it and now has the "bug" to do more.

I heard Avery stole the show at the bar doing what he loves, dancing! That is the first thing I heard out of Joelle's mouth on Sunday.

KC5 said...

isn't paolo dreamy....