Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ridin' High in Rockport

On Friday, the kids and I headed to Rockport, MA, to my SVP's beach house. I'm so sad that my boss is leaving, she's the best. Anyway, the kids had an incredible time riding some "righteous waves" (I don't know surfer lingo, so I hope I said that correctly).
Here Avery and Zach (my co-worker Maria's 13 year old son) head out to catch a ride. There were a bunch of surfers out as well, you can see one to the far left.

Here's Avery riding in - Wahhhoooo! I heard him howling all day! It was great...

Amelle even got in on the action, riding the broken waves in. She never got in deeper than her knees, she didn't have to! The broken waves were forceful enough to give a good, fast 15-20 foot ride!

The adrenaline rush from a nice ride in! YEEAAAHHH!

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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i'm surprised they didn't suffer from hypothermia...that water must be been FREEZING!! though at that age it doesn't really seem to phase you as much i think.

T5M said...

You're right! at one point Avery's lips were starting to turn purple! ...time for a break!

Florida/MaineMom said...

You are spoiling them with those waves. I can't duplicate them in York!