Sunday, September 30, 2007

What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

Today we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather by taking a nice family hike up Mount Agamenticus (Mount A). Grandma and Papa Gordo joined us, it was a great time. It couldn't have been better hiking weather, it was really perfect. One of the neat things about Mount A is that from the top, you can see the ocean in the distance (that blue stuff behind the trees). When we reached to top of the mountain, grandma and kids endulged me for yet another picture, but as they say, what goes up, must come down:

Good times!

Yes, you may've noticed that I sat back and clicked pictures while this event unfolded before my eyes (without offering to help). That is where the conflict in my roles (concerned mother vs. amateur photographer) comes in to play - in this case photographer won.
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's The Point?

So this week some of my friends at work decided that it was time for them to take control of their weight and join Weight Watchers. I was jealous that they were going to venture out on an extracurricular activity without me, so I begrudgingly decided to join them.

Weight Schmeight. This is my perspective: "Yeah, I'd like to be thinner, but I really do enjoy food." At our first meeting I learned that it was actually the woman who founded Weight Watchers that coined the phrase, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels". This statement is proof that this woman has never had cheesecake topped with strawberries with chocolate drizzled on it. I have to admit that it's been a long time since I "felt thin", so maybe my perspective is off.

So we all weighed in on Wednesday morning. My two friends were amped up - I think Audra even did a fist pump when she arrived. I was less thrilled; I felt like I was awaiting the death sentence. No more ice cream, no more pizza, no more brownies, no more fun. Okay, you CAN have fun on Weight Watchers, I'm sure. I think you can actually have the other things too, but they would use up all your points and then you wouldn't be able to have anything else. So here's how it works: if you got 20 points for the day, and a 2" square brownie is 5 points and 1 c of ice cream is 8 points and a single slice of pizza is 5 points (and let's face it, I'm gonna have at least 2 slices, so that's 10 points). Oops I'm over.

I guess the point (no pun intended) is that you are suppose to change your eating habits and maybe just have one of those things every once in a while. This change will result in loose pants and an overall sense of well being. We'll see.

Our weigh in day is going to be Thursday, I'll let you know how it goes...until then I'll just keep asking "what's the point?"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mustard Matters

So on Sunday, the pastor preached about the parable of the mustard seed, you know the one, where Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed (a teeny tiny seed that grows into a huge tree)

Mustard is clearly a biblical principle. Take this passage, where Jesus says that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. (Mustard seed = very small, Mountain = very big) - that faith is some potent stuff!

Anyway, last night, it came to our attention that we are the keepers of 11 (Eleven) "units" of mustard. The breakdown is this:

Cabinet (all unopened):
3 Yellow
2 Spicey Brown*
1 Horseradish Brown
1 Dijon

1 Yellow
2 Spicey Brown*
1 Dijon

*Note: no one in our 5-person family unit eats Spicey Brown mustard.

So I had to chuckle a little bit because this sort of paints an ironic picture of our faith. All we need is the tiny pure seed of faith, yet all we have is bottles and bottles of the commercial stuff. God is so simple, I love Him for that.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soccer Boy

Will had his first soccer game today, it was good entertainment. The highlight of course, was watching him walk in and out of two games without anyone noticing. He'd play for a little while on one team, then he'd see some activity in the game that was happening next to him and he'd leave his game and join that one. The best was when he kicked the ball from one game and scored it in the goal for the other game. Priceless!
Big smiles as he ran to his fan section of the stands

Will's fan section (minus his dad and I, who were on camera duty)

Water break!

Encouragement from dad
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Monday, September 17, 2007


The boy may be a Pats fan, but the girls sing the Eagles song (fly eagles fly...on the road to victory...)
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The a nutshell

We didn't tell Avery & Amell that their grandmom was coming up from Philly for a visit, we figured that it would be fun to surprise them. Jermaine secretly did tell Amaya, who repeated "Grandma, Airplane" all week, but the kids never caught on. On Friday night, there were screams of excitement when they spotted her. Here's the rest of the weekend:

Amaya and I were up and out of the house by 7am on Saturday - no trip to the grocery store is complete without the "horsey ride". When we arrived back home, everyone was still asleep. Saturday was rainy a bit chilly until around 3pm, where it was immediately beautiful out. See below:

Amelle wanted to take Grandmom for a ride, but what Grandmom didn't know was that Amelle is a speed freak. Plus she was racing one of the neighborhood kids who was riding his dad's John Deere up and down the street for fun. No contest...Amelle floors that little ATV, she puts the peddle to the metal, and sometime you can hear her exclaim "Yahhooo" from the distance.

Grandmom, in heaven with all of of "her kids".

Amelle enjoys the warm weather. Dirt and I actually got to go out to one of my co-worker's House-Warming party on Saturday night and on Sunday we enjoyed church sans children, which is always a treat. We attended Bethany again, good music, good preachin'.

On Sunday afternoon we said farewell to Sylvia and prepared for crazy Monday. Oh, and Dirt went over to Shaun's to watch the Patriots and the Red Sox (yes, two television sets on at the same time).

That's the weekend in a nutshell. Sorry it's not more exciting.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nine Nine Ninety Nine

Marina has one of the coolest birth dates ever, don't ya think? I know I'm late in posting pictures, but here goes:

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Dog Gone Shame!

So our darling pooch has decided that he likes the wild more than he hates the feeling of electric shocks.

This is a long story, I'll try to make it short:

Last week my neighbor called us at 7am, stating that Hunter was roaming free in our other neighbor's yard. At first we thought that he broke through the e-fence, but then Dirt realized that one of the wires had come undone and the fence wasn't functioning (shocking). Dirt fixed the wire and tested the collar, everything worked. When Hunter went out again, he broke through the functioning e-fence. The weird part was that he didn't yelp or hop over, he slowly lingered around the line, and Dirt could see his neck twitching. The next time we let him out we turned the shock up to the maximum and increase the parameter, so he's have more of a warning, unfortunately he went through it again. We then thought that maybe the battery in the collar was low, so we replaced the battery and tightened the collar on his neck, but he just continued to go through it.

For a moment, we thought that maybe he had gone crazy from all the shocks, I mean, it was a bit disturbing to see him walking the line of the fence that he wouldn't go within 4 feet of.

So finally, as a last resort, we bought the "super collar" (for hard to train dogs) and he is now respecting the border again. We also prayed, so we're not 100% sure which tactic we can attribute the success to.

At the advice of a friend (and dog expert), I have tried to provide some enrichment opportunities for Hunter (she believes that he's bored). I even tried to teach him to fetch (remember, he's a hound, not a lab). This proved to be aerobic exercise for me and also an exercise in humiliation, as I would throw the ball and he wouldn't move, so I'd have to run after it. I'm glad no one was around for that, it was disasterous!

He has also recently been sleeping with Avery, but of course, that isn't enough for him, he now urinates in Avery's room, like he's marking his territory, as if to tell Avery, "Move the legos onto your side of the room, buddy, this is my turf now".

Oh the joys of doggy-ownership!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

So I'm a total copy cat. I took one look at Kristy's beautiful kitchen and decided that her wall color needed to be on my walls. Here's the result:

The best is that I could only take pictures of very small portions of my kitchen (ie: the toaster) because the full panoramic view would reveal a sink full of dirty dishes, a huge pile of mail, lunch boxes lined up for filling, and a bread basket that is shamelessly overflowing.

Anyway, the color is probably a bit less orangey than Kristy's, it's almost like a butterscotch. Dirt described it best when he said, "if orange, mustard, and beige had a baby, it would be this color"

Thank you Kristy - we love the new color, it really warmed up the kitchen and gave it a whole new look. Maybe SOMEDAY, you'll actually see it in person!!!!! :-)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School!

Awww...aren't they cute... (I know Avery is going to hate me for this when he's older)

"not another picture"

..and they're off (yes, I let my 1 year old eat cheese nips at 7:30am - I'd deny it if it wasn't caught on film)
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Feeling Thorny

At church, we’ve been going through the parables. When we first moved here the pastor was doing a series on end times, and I struggled through each sermon. Part of it was the topic, but the larger issue was probably the pastor’s teaching style …let’s just say, it doesn’t match my learning style.

Anyway, the parables seem to keep the pastor a bit more on track; we’re not randomly flipping through the bible and then scratching our heads about what the sermon was about, which is a beautiful thing. I would consider this an answered prayer.

Dirt and I have almost given up on this church a few times, we’ve visited other churches, but we always end up back where we started, which is probably the Lord’s way of telling us that this is where we need to be. We like the head pastor, and there is no doubt about his love for the Lord, or his doctrine, it’s just the actual teaching that we struggle with. Both of the other pastors are great, the problem is that they only get to preach every 6th week, but I’m praying that will change.

Anyway, today we were in Matthew 13 – talking about the parable of the Sower. The interesting thing about this parable is that Jesus classifies people into four spiritual categories:
1) People who hear the word and do not receive it.
2) People who hear the word, accept it joyfully, and a month later forget about it.
3) People who hear the word, understand it, but then the worries of life make them unfruitful.
4) People who hear the word, understands it and “produces a crop”.

Unfortunately Dirt and I seem to linger around the third category, with peaks into the forth, and valleys into the second. The biblical explanation of the third category is: “The one who received the seed that fell among the thorns is the man who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth chokes it, making it unfruitful” (Matthew 13:22).

An interesting term is “the deceitfulness of the wealth”. As a society, I think most of us believe, on some level, that we’d be happier if we had more money. When we play the lottery, we think about how excited we’d be if we won, we plan how we’d spend that money, good times, right? I wonder if Owen Wilson thought that at one point in his life? I wonder if he thought “if only he made it big, everything would be perfect”. I don’t know very much about him or his situation, I’ll admit that I haven’t read any articles about his suicide attempt, or what he might’ve been dealing with, but whenever I hear about a “rich and famous” person attempting suicide, I can’t help but think about the disillusion of wealth. It really puts this verse into perspective.

I realize this post has been all over the place, ironically, this is how our pastor preaches. Everything he says is valid; it just doesn’t always go together. I started with talking about church, which could have been a blog of its own. Then I went into the parable of the sower, which also could’ve been its own blog, then I went into Owen Wilson, which probably is its own topic, and now I’m talking about the pastor again. Sweet irony – Dirt will understand this – it’s exactly how pastor preaches. Funny.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just Another Day in Paradise

I snapped these pictures the other day, nothing special, just the kids playing outside. While I was sitting on the front stairs watching them zip around the driveway carelessly, I thought that it would be moments like this that I would someday look back on and miss temendously. A random summer evening with the kids playing happily in the driveway, Hunter wrestling in the yard with his best dog-friend, Scout, and Dirt and I relaxing on the front stairs together talking about the day, fishing, work, life, God, whatever.

God is good.

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