Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School!

Awww...aren't they cute... (I know Avery is going to hate me for this when he's older)

"not another picture"

..and they're off (yes, I let my 1 year old eat cheese nips at 7:30am - I'd deny it if it wasn't caught on film)
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Kristy & John said...

I love Amelle's little Mary Jane's!! I can't believe how big Amaya is! I just got pics of Aiden & Riley, Riley is just starting kindergarten this year so they will be 1 year apart in school.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

so cute! seeing them in their little uniforms (or standardized dress) reminds me of what a nightmare the first day of school always was...trying to figure out what to wear! life would've been so much easier with a uniform.
how'd the first day go for them?

MOM said...

First day of school pictures are the best!

It was a mandatory photo of the whole neighborhood every year.

MaineMomKC5 said...

No wonder Hunter loves your mini van!!

Trish said...

that's great. my kids eat crackers for breakfast all the time. of course, i suppose i'm not the example of a perfect mother!! the pictures are adorbable.

Trish said...

i said adorbable...adorable. there. that's better.

barbarakuhn said...

Have you ever heard Bill Cosby's "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast"? Every funny! Let's see milk, eggs... Cheese nips, it's own food group, I think. For the record, Trish comes close to the perfect mother, in my opinion!
Nanny Babs