Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Dog Gone Shame!

So our darling pooch has decided that he likes the wild more than he hates the feeling of electric shocks.

This is a long story, I'll try to make it short:

Last week my neighbor called us at 7am, stating that Hunter was roaming free in our other neighbor's yard. At first we thought that he broke through the e-fence, but then Dirt realized that one of the wires had come undone and the fence wasn't functioning (shocking). Dirt fixed the wire and tested the collar, everything worked. When Hunter went out again, he broke through the functioning e-fence. The weird part was that he didn't yelp or hop over, he slowly lingered around the line, and Dirt could see his neck twitching. The next time we let him out we turned the shock up to the maximum and increase the parameter, so he's have more of a warning, unfortunately he went through it again. We then thought that maybe the battery in the collar was low, so we replaced the battery and tightened the collar on his neck, but he just continued to go through it.

For a moment, we thought that maybe he had gone crazy from all the shocks, I mean, it was a bit disturbing to see him walking the line of the fence that he wouldn't go within 4 feet of.

So finally, as a last resort, we bought the "super collar" (for hard to train dogs) and he is now respecting the border again. We also prayed, so we're not 100% sure which tactic we can attribute the success to.

At the advice of a friend (and dog expert), I have tried to provide some enrichment opportunities for Hunter (she believes that he's bored). I even tried to teach him to fetch (remember, he's a hound, not a lab). This proved to be aerobic exercise for me and also an exercise in humiliation, as I would throw the ball and he wouldn't move, so I'd have to run after it. I'm glad no one was around for that, it was disasterous!

He has also recently been sleeping with Avery, but of course, that isn't enough for him, he now urinates in Avery's room, like he's marking his territory, as if to tell Avery, "Move the legos onto your side of the room, buddy, this is my turf now".

Oh the joys of doggy-ownership!


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

oh my word! seth read this to me last night and we were both CRACKING up!!! gotta love life with a dog, they just add so much...bad & good :-)
seth said if the e-collar doesn't work you can try some razor wire. (crazy!) on a more helpful note he wanted me to tell you to get some of that stuff to take the urine smell out of the carpet. they sell it at petsmart and wally-world. might help keep him from repeat "offenses". miss you guys!

TheKeyRing said...

We've thought of putting in one of those electric fences for our dogs. I would like them to be able to sit on the front lawn when I'm on the porch. I think Rusty would be okay -- sometimes it is hard to get him off the porch to go for a walk, but I think Ruby would decide the shock was a small price to pay for total freedom.

MOM said...

What do Hounds like to do beside pee on carpet? Do they sell those electric rabbits that go on a rail? You know, like the one you see at the race track. That would surely stimulate Hunter!

I don't like that zapping technique.

Denise said...

I remember, when I was younger, waking up to the sound of water squirting only to look over and see our dog lifting his leg and peeing on the chair in my room...yuck!
I always wondered about those electric fences, I always thought "well, if the dog doesn't mind being zapped, what prevents them from going through the electric fence?" It especially alarms me when I'm on a walk with my little daughter in the stroller and there's a big, mean looking dog in a yard and no visible fence. I at least appreciate it when the home/dog owner puts up a sign that says there's an invisible fence. The worst thing is when you're driving or walking down the road and this dog comes barreling at you and you think you're going to hit it, or it's going to attack you and then it just stops right at the edge of the property. I feel like such an idiot b/c I usually freak out and then the dog is just standing there like "what's the big deal?"