Sunday, September 16, 2007

The a nutshell

We didn't tell Avery & Amell that their grandmom was coming up from Philly for a visit, we figured that it would be fun to surprise them. Jermaine secretly did tell Amaya, who repeated "Grandma, Airplane" all week, but the kids never caught on. On Friday night, there were screams of excitement when they spotted her. Here's the rest of the weekend:

Amaya and I were up and out of the house by 7am on Saturday - no trip to the grocery store is complete without the "horsey ride". When we arrived back home, everyone was still asleep. Saturday was rainy a bit chilly until around 3pm, where it was immediately beautiful out. See below:

Amelle wanted to take Grandmom for a ride, but what Grandmom didn't know was that Amelle is a speed freak. Plus she was racing one of the neighborhood kids who was riding his dad's John Deere up and down the street for fun. No contest...Amelle floors that little ATV, she puts the peddle to the metal, and sometime you can hear her exclaim "Yahhooo" from the distance.

Grandmom, in heaven with all of of "her kids".

Amelle enjoys the warm weather. Dirt and I actually got to go out to one of my co-worker's House-Warming party on Saturday night and on Sunday we enjoyed church sans children, which is always a treat. We attended Bethany again, good music, good preachin'.

On Sunday afternoon we said farewell to Sylvia and prepared for crazy Monday. Oh, and Dirt went over to Shaun's to watch the Patriots and the Red Sox (yes, two television sets on at the same time).

That's the weekend in a nutshell. Sorry it's not more exciting.
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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

sylvia's face is PRICELESS!!! watching amelle on the ATV was one of the many highlights on our last visit. she flies on that thing!
that's fun that you were able to surprise them, i'm sure it's something that they'll always remember :-D

MOM said...

I'm sure Sylvia wasn't expecting that kind of ride. Amelle, the wild princess biker. I love it!

T5M said...

Mom, you crack me up - I'm having trouble keeping up with your blogger identities!!! This one is pretty easy though, can you keep it?