Sunday, October 07, 2007


Kids say the funniest things sometimes. Last weekend I just so happen to be sitting within earshot of this beautiful dialogue between Amelle and Mina:
Amelle: “Are you having a baby from your belly or your wiener?”
Mina: “wiener”
Amelle: “Oh”
Mina: “Well, you just never know. I might adopt”
Amelle: “Me too”


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

mina has a weiner?! funny how amelle's into the whole adoption thing...i guess that episode of a baby story years ago really traumatized her, huh? :-)

Florida/MaineMom said...

At least Amelle is thinking about having kids. Erin, when you were small, you told me in no uncertain terms that kids were not in your future, ever!

Funny, Will told me that the statue in my back yard has a weiner! It must be a Casey thing!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Will also took a whiff of the statue's privates - he takes after his dad when it comes to that stuff.

How about Shaun asking Amelle who made the mess in the kitchen when all the kids were over last Sunday? She replied, "The kids did." And when he asked, "You aren't a kid?" Her reply? "No, I'm an adult."

I still love how Avery said that I must have a "ginormous weiner" way back when.

T5M said...

Nancy - you don't????? :-) I thought everybody had one of each, do you mean that's not normal?

Mom - I remember wanting a "test tube baby" - I thought that they would just grow a baby in a test tube and hand it over to me when it was old enough to do chores.

Wendy - Avery's very must have big feet too.

KC5 said...

weiner is the new tallywacker

barbarakuhn said...

I thought a weiner was a frankfurter. Don't modern parents use the correct names for everything? My MIL had her own language, pretty interesting when I took her to the doctors, I had to translate the body parts.

T5M said...

Wendy is having her baby through her weiner too.