Friday, November 16, 2007

Freakin' Dog!

It's truly a love-hate relationship that I endure with Hunter. It's definitely the most dysfunctional relationship that I have with anyone in my life. I love this stupid dog, but I don't know why. He stinks, he's crazy, he is ruining my house, he is my slave master; but yet, the mere thought of shipping him off to live with some other family, brings tears to my eyes.

Last week it was 3:30am - barking and howling, then he got used to DST and now it's 4:30am. I have been going to bed between 7p and 9p every night, just to function! A muzzle is next.


Unknown said...

I should have warned you about this love/hate thing that happens with pets. I love Rusty and get teary every time I think of the day we will be forced to put him down, but then he jumps up and steals food from the counter or barks at the door begging to go for a walk -- not just go outside, but go for a bonafide walk, and I wonder why I'm so hooked on this big lump. Probably the way he looks at me with his big brown eyes -- just like cows!!! I'm such a softy for animals with big soft eyes.

Grandma said...

I say to give him back to his previous owners....they could use another pet!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

:-D maybe you should invest in some earplugs?!
these "beasts" really have a way of finding a special place in your heart, huh?
when are you heading down for thanksgiving? wish we could see you!