Sunday, November 04, 2007

Observations From The Field

I've noticed that with kids, having "the last" of something is a significant achievement. It's funny though, because these same kids grow up into adults who will never eat the last of anything.

This morning we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts and Dirt ordered four glazed donuts. The fine people at D&D handed him a box with the four gooey treats inside. He took one and passed the box back to Amaya and Amelle in the second row of the van. They each took one and then handed the box back to Avery in the third row. When Avery opened the box, he triumphantly declared, "Oh good, I get the last one!". I had to chuckle to myself, thinking back to every dinner party I've ever picked up after, each plate would have one lonely last chip/cookie/brownie/piece of pizza/spoonful of dip/whatever, no adult ever eats the "last one".

Just recently my co-worker Maria and I went out to one of our favorite spots in Manchester (Cotton) for lunch. We always get the same thing - the scallops appetizer (eaten as a meal) and then we spilt a side of wood-fired asparagus (I think that's what it's called - yummy!). Anyway, we're pretty close, so digging into the asparagus is no problem for us ....that is, up until the very last one. No one touches it - we would rather die than eat it.

It's so funny, I wonder what age that transition takes place? Is it something that happens with puberty? Is it hormonal? Hmmm... Oh well, I'm sure that we're paying tax dollars to research it at some university somewhere.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

that asparagus sounds delicious!! if i were there i wouldn't let that last one go to waste :-) seth would probably say that's because of my "alligator arms" (aka: cheap!)

MOM said...

Admit it, the last one is only left when someone else is watching. If you are all alone, you tend to eat the last one!

Kristy & John said...

First of all, soory I haven't been checking the blogs that often, let alone commenting - my bad! :-)

Second, I am so jealous of this Maria getting to have lunch with you all the time - I miss our lunches!!

Third, that it hilarious about the "last one" thing - I must be very inconsiderate, if I see there is one left I usually gobble it up before someone else gets it, except if I know that there was only so many there, like one for each person, and I would ask first if that person wanted it. I hate when John leaves like a little cereal left in the box, for me, like it's not even enough for one bowl. I guess it is the thought that counts!!

T5M said...

I will admit that I'll eat the last one when I'm alone. ...but I don't rejoice in it, like the kids do.