Sunday, November 11, 2007

Smarty Pants

We're so proud to announce that Avery made High Honors this quarter! Wahoo! Trust me, if you saw the workload that we, I mean, Avery carries, you'd know that this is no small achievement. Not to mention that the school's grading scale is all jacket up:

A = 94 - 100
B = 86 - 93
C = 78 - 85

In what warped world is an 85 a C? Good gravy! (Yeah, that's my new term; Good gravy. I just started saying it, do you like it? It's kind of Charlie Brownish, Oh, wait, I think he said "Good Grief" - where the heck did Good Gravy come from? Maybe my mind is on Thanksgiving. Oh boy, I'm getting punchy)
Anyway, we're so proud of Avery.


MOM said...

Yeah! That picture of him makes him look like a college professor.
I think that is what you have to be to get High Honors in PCA.

C=85? Never heard of that, ever!

Anyway, we are soooo proud of Avery! Keep up the GREAT work, Avery.

Denise said...

He looks so studious in that picture :)
Congrats on your smarty pants :)

TheKeyRing said...

These kids today -- they're just so smart. I know that Jason and Mallorie both seem so unsatisifed with anything less than an A. They work so hard.

Avery looks very handsome and quite studious in that picture.

Kristy & John said...

That's funny you mention that. When I transferred from public school to provate school in 10th grade, the grading system went from 93-100 - A, 85-92 - B, 77-84 - C and 69-76 was a D. Private went like this - 90-100 - A, 80-89 - B, 70-79 was a C
Boy was I really happy when all of my grades converted!!!

Congratulations Avery, keep up the good work!

Kristy & John said...

Oh, yeah, the only other thing about private school was that there weren't any D's. Nope, anything under a 70 was failing, no buts about it. I guess that justified the gaps between grade levels