Thursday, December 20, 2007

Human Resources....Amelle's version

On Tuesday, my mom and Amelle got into a conversation about "work":

Amelle: Do you know what my mom does for work?

My Mom: Yes, Human Resources

Amelle: No, she fires people.

It's funny when you look at things from a child's perspective. Amelle is going to work with me tomorrow, I'll be sure to remind her to pack an extinguisher so that we can "put people out" after we "fire" them.

Hee hee.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

how was amelle's day at the office?
seth CRACKED up when he saw the little cartoon :-D
hope to see you guys soon...when are you coming down?

KC5 said...


Kristy & John said...

at least you were never called the "Terminator"!!! What an awful nickname for an HR Professional!!!

MOM said...

Who did the drawing? I know you are a writer but didn't realize you were an artist, too.