Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Last Time I Get cc'd....

I just received this e-mail from Jermaine (who cc'd me on a note he was sending to his BFFs Nyam, Jeff, & Chris) - I'm sure it'll be the last e-mail that I get copied on, seeing how I'm recklessly blogging it without permission, but what the heck. I haven't blogged in what feels like weeks and I'm desperate for material...

As I was driving on the way to work today, and remembered an incident that happened to me as I was preparing to move to Maine. I don't remember if I shared this with you at the time, but I got such a kick out of thinking about it this morning that I decided to write you guys and share. It is a small thing, but here is what happened.

Last year, as we were preparing to relocate to Maine, I spent a lot of time going back and forth to Maine to handle all the business that needed to be tended to. There were so many things that were up in the air. We needed to sell our house in PA and close on the house in Maine. All the while, I didn't have a job yet in Maine and I knew that needed to be taken care of before we finally moved up. Anyway, we were scheduled to close on our new house in April. During that time, my company sent me to Irvine, CA for a few days to visit the company office and attend a job fair. BTW - California is nice. So very nice. Since the family was on a tight schedule, the plan was for me to fly back to Philadelphia from California and jump right on a flight to Manchester, NH. Erin and the kids drove up earlier in the day so they would pick me up at the airport in NH. Everything was going according to plan. I had a few hours between flights, so I decided to walk around the airport. I found a video store and bought "The Big Lebowski" dvd to watch on my laptop to kill some time. That movie is funny! I boarded the plane and it was packed. I was tired and hoping that this flight would be smooth and quick. I was in the back of the plane in the middle seat. I had a young guy on my left listening to his iPod, but the window seat next to me was empty. I am thanking the Lord because as soon as the plane takes off, I am moving to the window seat. The space I would enjoy would be priceless. I am thinking to myself "please hurry up and get this plane going". As soon as I felt confident that I was going to make it, I see a looming shadow coming through the door at the front of the plane.

My mind started to race. I am thinking "what could that be?". Then I see him. All 300+ pounds of him making his way down the aisle. He is inching along for what seemed like an hour. The whole time I am saying "Lord, please make him stop. There has to be another seat other than my window seat available". He didn't stop. He kept coming and coming. Finally, he stopped at my row, looked up at the row number, looked at me, and pointed to the window seat. This is not happening! I got up and out of the seat to let him through. While he was squeezing through the row to get in his seat, I started shaking my head as I happened to catch a glimpse of his big butt that in just a few short seconds would be rubbing up against me. Maybe I can get a later flight. Is it too late to rent a car? That's it! I will fake a cardiac arrest and get the heck out of here. But it was not to be. There was no escape.

I sat down. It was tight. The whole one side of my body felt constricted. My personal space was under constant assault. It was a no win situation. It was kind of like how Jeff and Chris must feel when they play me in pool, or Nyam when he plays me in anything.

The bright side is that it was a short flight. So I decide to grin and bear it. I put in the movie I just purchased and started to watch it. The big guy happens to see what I was watching and said that it was one of his favorite movies. We spark a conversation and wouldn't you know it, he was a recruiter like myself. I explained to him that I was in the process of relocating my family to Maine. He said he was in the process of trying to sell his house as well. He asked if I found employment, I said not yet, but still looking. He gave me his card and said that he would keep an eye open for me. As a side note, he told me about a New England HR website that has some good opportunities listed. He wrote the site address on the back of his card. I tucked it away in my computer bag and thanked him for the insight. After all that, he turned out to be a great guy with a lot of great advice.

Now this is the best part. The site that he gave me listed a recruiter opportunity that I applied for and ultimately accepted. It was because of this seemingly random encounter that I was given access to a resource that I would have never known otherwise. That job was key in helping us with the transition to Maine.

So what is my point? One, I thought you would get a kick out of hearing this. Two, we always hear that God is in the details. This little testimony confirms that for me. There is no such thing as a coincidence in a believer's life. This happens all the time. What ultimately prompted me to think about this was a study in Romans that I heard while driving home yesterday. The key verse for me was this:

Romans 8:31-32 - What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?

What a powerful passage. The God of the universe is for me. The Creator of all things is on my side and has my best interests in mind. Not only that, He has the power to do anything he wants. He is sovereign. In even the small things, He can make His presence felt.

Do not get me wrong. The christian walk is not primarily about receiving blessings, but when they do happen, it is comforting. Sometimes, we need these little experiences to prepare us for the bigger storms that life brings. He is there...for me.

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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i can't stop smiling...thinking about jermaine all squished in, next to that big guy! it's amazing to me how God really works through those less than comfortable situations :-)
thanks for posting...hopefully he didn't mind!