Friday, January 25, 2008

Day Two: Sedona, AZ

I took over 200 pictures, it's so hard to limit myself to four per day, but here are the winners from day 2:

On Saturday we had the day off. My only work obligation was to arrive at a party back at the Boulders at 7pm. We figured that this was plenty of time to take the 2-hour ride up to Sedona to see the legendary red rocks.

This was Jerm's favorite rock formation, I'm not sure why?? :-)

The distressed look on my husband's face had little to do with the fact that he was riding through the mountains on a fellow named "Duke" and everything to do with the woman from NYC who talked incessantly throughout the 45 minute bus ride to the ranch, the 1 hour horseback adventure, and the 45 minute bus ride back to downtown Sedona. She sat directly behind him on all accounts -talking and talking, and talking. Notice that she is in full riding gear (English, not Western - we learned a lot that trip, but the biggest lesson of all, was not to position ourselves next to 65 year old NYers).

No, it's not a cloud - apparently there are no clouds in AZ, but the moon does seem to make an early appearance.

Purple mountains! Even the ride back to Scottsdale was beautiful - this was just anytown, AZ - it seemed like the entire 2-hour ride to and from Sedona was littered with beautiful mountain views.
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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

the pictures are great!! jermaine's face is priceless :-) sedona was one of my favorite spots when we did our trip out west. it looks so totally different than anything on the east coast. looking forward to seeing some more shots! (are they with your new camera?)

KC5 said...

I can't quit you!

T5M said...

...yeah, he does look sexy on horseback, don't he?

barbarakuhn said...

We really liked Sedonna - I think that rock formation is the bell - did you see the snoopy one? I have no idea what you mean about the New Yoorka woman! 90 mph talkin'? (I think the horse has earplugs.) Where's Jerm's helmet?

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

seth took one look at that picture of jermaine and said "that poor horse" ;-)