Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Enough Already

Seriously. When I say that we’ve had more snow storms this year than I can count, I am dead serious. Okay, well…it’s not that I can’t count to 12 (or whatever the number is), it’s that I can’t remember the number – let’s just say it’s been several snowfalls. In fact, the snow storms seem to come in pairs, like twins, only colder. CNN tells me that NH broke a record for most snow dropped in December – 44.5 inches (since 1876), and Portland hit 37.7 inches – our zip code is probably somewhere in between those two figures. Of course, my brother can probably tell you exactly what’s in his yard at any given moment, as he is an avid weather-watcher and snow aficionado.

Seriously though, that’s almost four feet. It’s outrageous! Granted, it’s beautiful and fun for the children to frolic in, but it’s starting to interfere with my life. You can’t make plans because you never know when school is going to be cancelled or when the weather is going to cause your commute home to take 5 hours (poor Dirt).

I have to laugh when I think back a year - being on the beach last January, laughing at “mother nature” for her clement days – wishing, wanting, hoping, and indeed praying for snow. All that talk of global warming – where is that talk now? Al Gore, come to Maine and show me the hole in the ozone that is going to fry me like a French Fry!


Kristy & John said...

That's crazy!!! We've only gotten enough that it melts the next day :-(

I would like a nice snow storm that keeps us inside for a day or so! I will probably regret writing that in a month from now!

Where are the pics from Christmas???

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

:-D your al gore comment made me laugh!
i was JUST thinking how i wanted some snow...what use is the cold weather (i think it was 18 degrees this morning) without some of the white stuff. i guess i should come and visit you guys if i want to see some!
the backyard looks beautiful with the white stuff. thanks for posting a picture.

KC5 said...

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Wait till Tuesday it will be 60.

MOM said...

Great post! Loved the part about the French Fry.

The kids will probably go to school until August for all of the make-up days they will have.

Missed the sledding when I was up in December. Maybe I should make a special trip to enjoy the sport.