Sunday, January 06, 2008

For the record, water & oil truly don't mix

What do you get when you leave a toddler unsupervised for 20 minutes with Vaseline?
The result is not good. These clothes were thrown away. My duvet is permanently stained, my nightstand table is permanently shined, and my new down comforter....(I bite my finger here... I can't go on...too painful).
It must be something about the Moore kids and non-water-soluable products. We have a photo someplace of toddler Avery smeared with Eucerin Cream (he at least had the sense to take all his clothes off) - he smeared his body and the wall (Nancy - weren't you & Seth around for that one?); Amelle smeared with sparkles (what else would you expect?), and now Amaya with Vaseline.
(For historical documentation purposes, this event actually occurred on December 26th, I'm just behind on blogging!)
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~Seth & Nancy~ said...

we WERE there that day...i believe he got it all over your cranberry walls and on some decorations that were on your dresser. i'm pretty sure he also peed YOUR bed and put powder on the floor. never a dull moment at your house!

ps-seth wanted me to tell you that he coated himself with vicks this weekend (yeah, he's sick...with a cold and in the head! :-)

shaun said...

Oh, it hurts now, but 15 years from now you'll look back and laugh (okay, maybe not laugh).

She's lucky she's so darn cute!!

MOM said...

I was privy to the greasy Amaya after she had a bath. She was still very "slick". She didn't look happy and neither did her mother.

You powdered your room at 2 years old. Of course, now they don't use baby powder. You are living proof that using a whole container of baby powder on yourself and in your room is not harmful.

T5M said...

I still do that - it's fun and sexy.